Get an honor with the money maniac

What is ‘Get an Honor” concept?

“Get an Honor” is an innovative concept introduced by ‘The Money Maniac” blog. Through this initiative, I intend to honor my readers and their website or blog by appreciating them with new articles in this blog.

To get honored, what you need to do?

To get honored, reader required to do nothing. This is an automatic process and some time happening without the knowledge of a reader.

What is the process behind “Get an Honor”?

While reading your comments under any article in this blog, once if I found a true hint to write an article, this new article will start with the name of the person and will give a visible link to his blog or website.

What is the advantage for a reader by getting honored?

‘The Money Maniac’ is an elegant PR4 status blog. It’s traffic increasing day to day basis. An honored person will receive considerable visitors to his own site or blog by appearing his name in the beginning of an article with a link to his Blog/Website.

Do you have any example to show how a person gets honored?

Yes. You can have a look in this article to see how the article starts with the name of the person, who gave a hint to me, and a given link to his website. This is the best example to know how this concept works with eminent way.

“Make my day bright and happy. I will do the same for you in double”