How MoneyHacker Feed an Orphan Kid from Reader Comments

“You may have received wealth from god’s grace, enjoy it maximum, but don’t forget to offer a small part to an orphan child raising her little hands towards you for some food to calm her hunger. Being in hunger is painful for an orphan kid when other kids get feed by parents” – The Money Hacker Personal Policy

Before reading this article, please have a look in the picture for a moment..

There are three most painful life statuses in the world. 1. A motherless childhood, 2. A losing young age (by diseases, in jail, disabilities etc) and finally, 3. Working for food and family at the old age, when it is the time to take rest. If we are not in any of these groups, we are highly blessed!

Charity – when practicing, this great tool will attach human directly to god! As a human, “I believe, charity would give peace and happiness to the soul than visiting holy places”!

My Charity Practices and How Can One Join with Me…

It is innovative, simple, but powerful. To be an active part of my charity initiatives, you don’t need to spend any money from your pocket. But, should spend some moments in my blog and write worthy comments under any article/s you like.

Whenever do so, I will mark it in a separate space. At the end of each March, I will count and take money equal to the number of comment, from my received advertising fees. Remaining amount set by the charitable organization would add from my hand. It would then send to a trustworthy Charitable organization for the food, cloth and education of a kid in that year. I believe, my biggest investments in life is charity!

Step where I am now:

1. Money Hacker Delivered First Cheque to Charity – 2011

2. MoneyHacker Sent Cheque for Charity – 2012

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”