How I Reduced Electricity Bill to More Than Half Using Simple Practices

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electricity-5067141Here is a commons complaint you may have heard from someone earlier: “My electricity amount increasing month to month. What the heck is this? I don’t have any additional appliances in my home and using electricity just like others. Even though, I am getting huge bills compare with others? I am not getting any idea on what is wrong”

Remember, using less appliances or lights doesn’t mean you will get less electricity bills. Even a small appliance, if not using properly, you may get a kick from Electricity Company.Ahoy!!! There are lots of tips around the web space available on reducing electricity bills to great extends. I agree with some of them which work better. But, most of the tips are either not practical or impossible to follow at all, at least to me. In this context, sharing my own experience of how I reduced my electricity bills to more than half to what I paid some months back would be better to give an idea to work yourself to reduce your bills too. Here are my practices. No worries, I still following these practices and yes, my electricity bills are considerably low.

1. I Love You CFL

I am a green supporter. To comply with green, I have replaced all the ordinary bulbs and tubes in my home with latest CFL/Led lamps. This action helped me to save lots of money for long run. Yes, this activity reduced my electricity bill to a great10% easily.
2. Switch off me man! Why to keep me in half dead mode? No stand by forever!I have a practice of switching off all the instruments immediately instead of keeping it as stand by. Once after watch a TV or work with my laptop, I would switch off the same and never sit in stand by till next time.

3. Peak time practices

Evening between 7 to 7.30 pm is the time for my refrigerator to take rest. No one disturbs him. Other than peak time, a refrigerator would work like a horse cart, but at the peak time, it would turn as a bullock cart. Why to give him electricity with difficulty? Switch off instead. Having a practice of switching of the refrigerator for half hour in the peak time (depends on your locality) would not only helps to save considerable amount money, but also increase the efficiency of the appliance. Never use iron box, water heater, electric heater or any other items that consume more electricity, at peak time.

4. Duel switching practice

This is one of the important configurations I have made immediately after moved to the new house. Along with normal main switch, I put a separate switch that connected all lights and device except refrigerator. Whenever go out, I put off this switch and which would help all lights and appliances went off except refrigerator. I have a practice of off the main switch only before I move out from home for long days, like holiday etc..

5. Special attentions

I consider Iron box, heaters and pumps are my worst enemies. This would help me to not use them regularly until and unless there is an emergency. These are items not made for regular usage. Having my practice of ironing once in two weeks helped me to save lots of money in that way. Also, take care to not allow small kids to operate any of such appliances without your presence or play with lights.

6. Checklists

Never fail to confirm you have good earth in place and electric meters are working perfectly. There could be are lots of money wastage if these two items are not proper. Improper earth cause damages to costly appliances like computers, televisions sets. Damaged meter unnecessarily show excess unit utilization than what originally used by you.Have a practice of stop wastage of money by taking special attentions to small things. Switching of an unnecessary light even able to help you to save little money one time, but lots of money in the long run. Never forget to share your practices to other family members to practice and help you to save money. Discuss such activities to friends groups are helpful to get new ideas to save electricity and thus money too..

Bonus: I always schedule my shopping and/or any outing at the peak hours. For a long run this worked best for me to save lots of money!