How to Backup Facebook Data

facebook-backup-6461576IS THERE any method to back up your Facebook data, the way like saving e-mail and documents? Yes: Facebook has a built-in archival system which works better than the live site at digging up old messages.

To get a backup file of your Facebook data, login and select Account -> Account Settings from the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Near the bottom of the Account Settings page is a section labeled Download Your Information. Click the Learn More link next to it. Facebook will display a page that explains how the company will create a ZIP file of the data in your account, and notify you by e-mail when it is ready. Click Download Now to begin the process, which in my tests took one to two hours each time.

Once you’ve received an email from Facebook that your ZIP file is ready, go back to the same page and click the download link that will appear there. The ZIP file downloads to your computer desktop, where you can unpack it like any other file in the ZIP format, usually by double-clicking on it.

What data is in the archive:

• Your profile information (e.g., your contact information, interests, groups)• Wall posts and content that you and your friends have posted to your profile• Photos and videos that you have uploaded to your account• Your friend list• Notes you have created• Events to which you have RSVP’d• Your sent and received messages• Any comments that you and your friends have made on your Wall posts, photos, and other profile content