Practical Guidelines to Create Additional Income

Practical Guidelines to Create Additional Income

1. Freelance Methods– If you are a professional, you have enough opportunity to create additional income by providing freelance job to local customers at your free time or holidays. For an example, if you are working as an artist on an advertisement company with large customers, you can work as a freelancer in your free time to provide services to small firms or individuals to generate additional income.

2. Professional Methods – If you have a core skill, you can start train people at your free times to generate decent additional income. For example, teachers can provide personal home tuition or technical professionals can work as a part time visiting tutor to any training centers etc.. You can even explore the option to get a part time job that doesn’t require much skill.

3. Utilizing Unused Facilities – Rent or lease out any additional home or part of your home or even a room, yard, garages, land spaces to generate additional income.

4. Income from Hobbies – If you have a hobby, you can even generate additional income from it. For example, if you have a hobby of gardening, sell flowers, vegetables or fruits to shops and other retail customers to create secondary income. When hobby based income generation coming to picture, even your family members can also be able to contribute by exploring possibilities based on their hobbies. “Hobbies can be used to create decent additional income if you utilize them properly”. The way what I am doing, blogging, is my hobby and it generating some decent additional income for me!

5. Offering Temporary Services – Rent your items to others. For example, offer your automobiles, tractors or tools to others for hourly rent. This would generate little income from an item which may sit idly.

6. Income from Sales – Any item that you or family no more required but, others are searching for, can be sold to generate income. Books, periodicals, old items like furniture, cupboards all will do better for you.

7. Money from Pets – If you have pet like dogs or any other animals, birds, fishes or others, you have huge opportunities to create additional income from them. For an example, if you have different breeds of dog, sell the puppies to generate extra ordinary income. Think in that way.

8. Through Family Members – Creating second income not means only by you. Your family members can even contribute to generate second income from their hobbies or utilizing any skills. For example, let your wife to start giving home based tuition to others, babysitting, flower arrangements, sewing etc. all help to generate additional income. – Starting a home business is a good idea to create more money utilizing your free time. Some of the best examples for a home business are: growing hen and selling its eggs and meats, maintaining a vegetable garden, flower garden, growing fish, rabbits, pork etc, if you have facilities, creating fertilizers from waste to sell, running a nursery of plants, a laundry etc. can bring decent income.

10. Part Time Consultancy – Running a part time consultancy to provide any services to the people or business in your area would be an idea to create secondary income. Some good examples are, providing advice and facilities for rain water harvesting, waste management, setting a garden, water management, budding and grafting of fruits and flowers and many, many of such. Depends on your skills and time you can generate huge side income. You can also offer personal services to others like home cleaning, lawn care, part time driver etc.

As I have mentioned earlier, creating additional income depends on person to person. To start such endeavors, one should first identify his skills or interests to utilize for generating income. Any person with any skill or hobby has enough opportunities to generate additional income. Identify your right option and give a kick start.It is certain, identifying possibilities for generating secondary income would be a great help at the time of recession or similar situations. As a best practice, identify an area where recession never affects. Best examples are teachers and nurses. If come to business, hair dressing or pharmacies. Both are exempt from recession to a great extend. If you have any member in your family working in such areas, you are so lucky.

Picture: Don Hankins