Reduce Your Business Communication Cost

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Marcela Dias of webprofits

There are very real business phone systems that can be integrated for a range of uses, from replace your standard telephone connection, to providing file-sharing tools. Packaging your office phone system and your mobile phone use, and getting the best deals on IP based services and data connections, will save you ridiculously huge costs. It is highly likely your costs will drop by 90% on a month-to-month basis. Are you paying too much?

In business, communications is probably the most important factor. If you are not communicating properly, or effectively, you could be limiting your potential for growth. Communications costs can get out of control, unless you make the right decisions. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to make your costs near negligible. For example, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) business phone systems will save you huge amounts of money and greatly increase your communications ability. If you are not using some of the methods set out below, you are wasting a lot of money. Here are two concrete ways to boost your communication, and greatly reduce those costs.

• VOIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems are hot, they are available, and they are very effective. We are not talking about some cheap or free software program available on the internet. We are talking fully-blown services provided by dedicated providers with super-high-speed servers to give you the quality of sound and video you want. The best of these types of services can support HD quality sound and video. Communicating as a group through conferencing could not be easier. And how much better will you long-distance communications improve if you can see each other? The standard telephone is dead. The standard telephone is out-of-date, and more than anything, the costs are absolutely prohibitive. With modern and specialized VOIP services, you have minimal investment, and you are up and running straight away. Set up cost cannot even compare with the cost of standard phone call bills for a month, and you haven’t even begun to save money yet. If you are not using VOIP business phone systems, to put it bluntly, you are a fool.

• Business Mobile Phone Packages. We all know we can buy a mobile phone plan for our phone, but what about when we have several mobile phones in our company? We want to get a better deal right? Business mobile phone package providers exist exactly for this purpose. They hunt down the best deal for your communication type and number of phones. While you will greatly save on cost, you will still want to integrate your VOIP services into your mobile phone use. For many of us, this will mean using our phone connection and 3G network to access online VOIP services. If you are not on an excellent package for data-transfer, you could have astronomical costs associated with your VOIP services. Where you can access free WiFi, you will have very limited costs, but at times where you are using your data connection, you need to be getting a good deal. By getting a package designed for the data use you require, and getting a connection deal for all your phones in one hit, you can greatly reduce the cost of your company’s mobile phone use, particularly with data, and therefore greatly reduce your overheads. VOIP won’t save you money over your mobile phone if you are paying through the nose for internet connections. Be smart, and go through specialist brokers who can tailor your deal to maximize for huge data use.

By packaging our purchases, and taking advantage of IP based communications, we can beat the telecommunications companies at their own game.

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