Tips on Improving the Performance of Your Car Horsepower

car-6015016 When you have a car, it requires that you improve its performance from time to time as a result of engine and transmission mileage and wear problems. Sometimes you will be required to buy new products to end wear and mileage power loss issues as well as to restore the car’s lost power. When your vehicle shows a sign of wear and power loss, you should take immediate action to have this sort out. Early signs of wear and power loss include oil drippings, drop of motor oil level, motor noise increase, transmission problems, tapping of sticky valves and the list goes on.

Discussed below are ways of improving your vehicle’s horsepower.

Add Special Power Improving Devices

One of the devices you can use is the racing engine cam. This is an internal engine gadget that replaces the factory original cam. Racing engine cam allows more fuel to enter the combustion cycle enabling the car to produce more horsepower. When you are purchasing a racing engine cam, you choose the amount of power improvement you want for your car from a catalog listing.

Use a Supercharger

A supercharger is a big power booster. Supercharger is a special fan that is made to force twice as much air and fuel into the motor. This helps in boosting the horsepower of your vehicle as well as speed development.

Have Mega Power Installed in Your Car

Mega Power is used to restore lost horsepower which is usually caused by wear and residues. When your vehicle starts a downward loss of horsepower and performance then it is good to have Mega Power installed in your car to restore power and performance. Mega Power also works well to end transmission problems in your car which usually deters the full power development of the vehicle.

As the wear of your car increases, the friction also increases which in turn absorbs power that is used for the performance of your car. Mega Power comes in handy to help put off this wear in your vehicle and also to restore the lost horsepower.

Mega Power is a thin anti-wear substance and thus cannot block oil delivery as other additives do because they are thick. Mega Power is not costly and one can install on their own without the help of a professional.

Nitrous Oxide System (NOS)

Nitrous Oxide System is a high priced horsepower solution. It is often used to add horsepower in the vehicle by injecting nitrous oxide directly into the engine air intake manifold of your car. Nitrous Oxide is a pressurized liquid gas and works by providing more oxygen to support combustion in which more fuel is added to increase the horsepower. Using Nitrous Oxide System requires proper tuning to avoid engine damage.

However before deciding on point of action when your vehicle has a mechanical problem, it is good you first seek the advice of a proficient mechanic. I believe this article has helped you to get more insight about dealing with improving the performance of the horsepower of your car.

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