Top 10 Qualities required by a good financial advisor

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The major obstacle for an investor is the search to identify a good financial advisor. I am giving you and idea about the personal and career qualities highly required by a good financial advisor to choose him as your own.

Personal Qualities

1. He/she should be well qualified and have master knowledge in his area2. He/she should have considerable experience as a financial advisor with successful performance background.3. He/she should have a passion to the work and should not be lazy. He should have well idea and knowledge about the services and products available in the market to select the best among them for a customer.4. He/she should be accessible by a customer at any time.5. A good financial advisor should not be greedy or only profit minded fellow.6. He/she should have enough feedback from his satisfied customers to add glory to his career.

Career Qualities

7. He/she should be able to understand the investment objective of a customer in a high degree by considering major factors like age, living standard, financial position of the customer..8. He/she should be well enough to identify the risk profile of the customer.9. Advisor should be able to advise and select suitable investment products as per the objective and risk profile of a customer.10. An advisor should have the ability to track and balance the portfolio of a customer considering major factors like market conditions, which may affect the portfolio.

Try to find these qualities to your financial advisor. A best part of the above qualities are, if an advisor doesn’t meet any of the above, he is the one not for you.