Best Ways to Find the Right Credit Counselor

Debt can be very agonizing. Living beyond one’s means and trying to gratify needs instantly are the main reasons why people fall into debts. The easy availability of credit through credit cards, personal loans and car loans has led many people into debts, albeit unknowingly. Debts are unavoidable. You cannot always wait to save money and spend. Typical examples of expenses that you cannot postpone include study loans, car loans, home mortgage and vacation.
People who plan ahead and match their income with expenditure seldom fall into debts, but in times of bad economy even disciplined lifestyle will not help. There are some expenses you cannot avoid altogether. If you are affected by minor debts, making some changes to your lifestyle can bring good health to your finances. The more intensely affected should however seek the help of professional counselors. And more important, you should be willing to accept the advice they will give you.

Selecting the Right Counselor – Points to Remember

Finding the right credit counselor is often a process in itself. There are many of them around, but before you hire their services you need to ensure their competence. You can depend on recommendations from friends, family members or a colleague if they have been through this phase in their life and the counselor had helped them manage their debt efficiently. A non-profit organization is another ideal place to seek counseling, but neither is it a guarantee of good service. You should always use your discretion prudently before you decide on one. Generally a non-profit agency that has been in existence for 5 or more years is a good bet. The chances of their staying around for many years are brighter than a 1-year old agency. Counseling, you must understand is not a onetime process. You will have to meet your counselor more often, and seek periodical appraisals. Changing your counselor midway can be a big setback to debt management programs once you are into it.

Accrediting Agencies – How they Help Manage Debt

Another test that you can apply to check the counseling competency agency is to check their accreditation though that again is not proof of their standing. If they are accredited to a large trade association like The National Foundation Credit Counseling (NFCC) or (and) Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) then it points to some degree of credibility in them.

More about the National Foundation of Credit Counseling

You can learn more about the services of The National Foundation of Credit Counseling by clicking here. The NFCC also provides online counseling services for credit, debt and housing related issues. They will also help you get connected to Certified Trained Counselors. Services are available 24 hours a day throughout the year. You can also learn more about – credit, housing, bankruptcy, finance and news related to debt management at their website.

There also have several Consumer Tools that you may want to try. They include calculators, budget worksheets, consumer tips and videos. There is also a self-assessment tool that you will find very useful. You can also use publication and financial resources and subscribe to podcasts to receive education on the various aspects of personal financial management. You can choose your personal credit counselor by clicking here. There are more than 700 agencies accredited to The NFCC operating in all states of the US and Puerto Rico. That makes locating an agency near to the place you live easy.

More about the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
The Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies is another accrediting body that you can search to hire a personal counselor. The principal objective of the AICCCA is to provide consumers quality and professional services related to debt management. They have helped millions of people to locate counselors. AICCCA members help consumers by providing debt, housing, bankruptcy and financial management services.

There are 177 counseling agencies accredited here and who are spread across the country. Locating one near to the place you live is easy and you can do it online by clicking on appropriate links. You can choose to avail face-to-face services or through internet whichever way convenient to you. Click here to visit AICCA website, and for more information on member-counselors click here.

Here are some AICCCA resources you may want to try.

• Tips for making home budgets • Financial Education • Reference to helpful resources • Debt Management Programs • Managing Bankruptcy • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

• Pre-purchase counseling and others

At the AICCCA you will also find links to various government & consumer resources like Consumer Protection, Approved Counselors and many other agencies. You should also visit their news section to get latest information, and the members’ area to locate a counselor for your needs.


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