Do You Really Need Dental Insurance?

From Editor: This is a guest article contributed by Richard Keane

The monthly budget of many individuals and families is already overcrowded with bills and things to pay for. The thrust of many people is how to prune down their budget and reduce the number of things that they have to pay for. People are thus going through their expenses to find services and products that they could do without. Against this backdrop, one question that many ask is, do I really need dental insurance?

At first glance, you may be tempted to answer a quick no, the reason being seemingly quite simple. Why put up with paying monthly premiums for dental cover, when you take such good care of your teeth and have no cavities or toothache? Well, each person will have to answer that question in light with their own circumstances. At present, about 30% of Americans do not have any form of dental insurance cover. That translates to about 100 million Americans that do not have dental cover. You may be quick to ask yourself, if they can stay without dental insurance, why can’t I do the same too?

The right answer for you

To properly determine the right answer for you, you need to first consider the reasons why people take or need insurance. Insurance policies are not necessarily taken because of present danger or crises, are they? We seek insurance coverage because of possible negative eventualities that may occur. A person who takes a theft and burglary home insurance cover will not stop taking steps to prevent his home from theft and fire. The cover is taken to provide cover and compensation if and when a burglary or theft does occur.

But I take good care of my teeth

Taking good care of your teeth is not always good enough reason to drop dental insurance. Based on the statistics of people without dental insurance coverage mentioned above, we can conclude that there are about 100 million Americans who will have to pay from their own pocket to cover the costs of any dental treatments that may arise. Or, they will have to suffer in silence and go without dental treatment if they cannot afford it. Is the option of going without dental insurance still looking attractive?

An expensive market

Dental treatments are very expensive and you will need to consider if you will be able to bear these costs yourself without dental insurance. For example, as a dentistry guide, crowns go for between $500 and $3,000 per tooth. Even when you have the best of oral hygiene habits, gum disease issues or accidents such as a fall could occur that will require expensive dental treatments. Without adequate cover, you will have to pay for it yourself or do without it.

What are the advantages of dental insurance?

Dental insurance, without a doubt offers a number of advantages. It can cover the costs of routine visits and checkups and costs of emergency dental treatments. Depending on the type of insurance plan, you can even earn interest on the policy and receive a cash payout from the insurer. The major factor that makes many people hesitate or consider doing without dental insurance is the costs associated with paying monthly premiums. When you consider the rising costs of living generally, plus the costs of several insurance policies that you need, it may all seem overwhelming. With proper budgeting and management, many people seem to succeed.

In conclusion, the answer to the question, do you need dental insurance, is best answered by you. You have to determine the amount of dental related risks that you are willing to expose yourself and your family to.

About Author: Richard is a freelance writer who enjoys producing content related to health, dentistry and finance. If you get the chance please pay him a visit on Twitter at @thefreshhealth

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