Money Hacker Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section intend to work as an immediate pointer and guide for readers to know more about me, this blog, its features. I have included answers of some most frequent questions. If you feel you have not answered here, feel free to contact me or add a comment hereunder. I will certainly answer to you! Q: What is ‘Money Hacker’?

A:’Money Hacker’ is blog featuring articles and podcasts on personal finance, investment guidelines, family finance, money management and lot more. Recommend to read Money Hacker disclaimer for further info. To discover what is exactly inside Money Hacker, this could be the right starting point

Q: What is the objective of this blog?

A: Blog Money Hacker intended to provide quality guidance to readers on above said areas to develop knowledge and skills. It made in a way for readers to assess, plan and build successful personal finance, investment plan and more

Q: Who is behind Money Hacker ?

A: Sherin Devassy, a Sr. Sys Engr as well as value investor

Q: What is my experience ?

A: Please visit ‘About Me’ page to know more about Sherin

Q: Can you plan my finance or investment ?

A: I am not a financial wizard to provide authoritative advises to anyone visit this blog.

I don’t have any intention than expose my knowledge and experience to those in need. Read disclaimer for more info

Q: I need some help or have a question. How do I contact you ?

A: Access my contact information here. You can as well send a DM (Direct Message) to me at twitter. Follow me at Twitter here

Q: When did the blog Money Hacker started ?

A: November, 2007

Q: How to subscribe Money Hacker articles?

A: You can subscribe to RSS, E-Mail. Moreover that, you can even hear to Money Hacker articles through subscribing podcasts!

Q: How often will the blog get updated?

A: All most everyday

Q: Can I post a Guest Article on this blog?

A: Appreciate if you could do such. Visit “Submit an Article” section for further details

Q: Can I copy or reproduce any contents from your blog ?

A: Yes. It is an UnCopyright blog. You can do as you wish. However, there are guest articles that may copied to the original authers

Q: How can I advertise in Money Hacker ?

A: Visit ‘Advertise’ link for further details

Q: Can I exchange a link with your blog ?

A: Yes. visit here and read the benifits section

Q: How do I connect to Money Hacker?

A: Yes. I prefer you to join with me at Twitter and Facebook

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