Student Money Saving Ideas

Being a student means you have to manage with a few bucks. Even if you have found a part-time job, you won’t be left with much of dollars at the end of the month. So, saving money will be a difficult job for you. Still, it is possible. But how? Here are a few finance tips for you.

Get travel cards Students get concession on travel card. Having a card means your travel expenses will be reduced to one-third of what you are incurring now. If you could not avail a discounted card, don’t worry, a group card will also work a good deal if you travel in a group. Most of the rail companies have such offers for the students. Apart from the rail companies, the local bus operators also offer travel card. Calculate how much you have to pay for monthly journey to college and back home. I am sure that travel card will be the cheapest deal.

Free Entertainment Watch

Connect your laptop with TV via a cable; you won’t have to pay for that. Good quality picture is almost guaranteed. And if you are paying for a license to watch TV (as it is broadcasted), try to get a quarter back when you will be going out during summer vacation.

Ask for Coupons

Using discounts for shopping is a good way to stretch your limited sum to a lengthy period. Discount offers often come on the newspaper and via internet. Unfortunately, all discount offers don’t make news and so you miss on them. Carry your college ID card whenever you will go for shopping. Ask the sellers if they have any special discount offers for the student. You can also make a good use of some websites famous for their heavily discounted offers.

Seek job at a shopping store

If you frequently shop from a particular store or a chain of stores, find a job there. Deeper discounts are offered to the staffs and even go up to 50% off purchase price. Even the small shops too have some brilliant discount offers for their staffs.

Bulk buying is good but no ready-made food

Most of the ready-made items that you use as ingredients in your cooking can be easily made at home. You may have to go through trial-and-error but that will be a fun. And it will also be good for your health and pocket. Buy non-perishable goods in bulk, per unit cost will drop down.

Never purchase contents insurance

Ask your parents if their hoodmold policies already include a section ‘contents away from home’. In most of the cases, there will be such or similar provision in the policies. Even if there is nothing like that, you can get it extended at a minimum cost. Make sure that full value of every item is covered under the policy.

Drink at home, not at the bars

It will be more fun to drink at pubs or bars but quite an expensive enjoyment it will be. Even if you frequent those places and get a good discount, expenses will not come down to a ground zero level. Enjoying a booze with your friends at home will not be a bad idea, in fact sounds a lot of fun. And it is a surefire means to save money on your drink too!

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