Top 7 Most Interesting and Affordable Travel Destinations in US

us-travel-destinations-8276795The US is famous for the interesting and affordable cities for the travelers from all over the world. As in this country, you will get the touch of the different ethnic combination as well as the rich cultured minds which will ultimately attract your attention. Although, the US is the most powerful nation in the world but you will never feel about the wave of the pride in its people. Moreover, you will feel about the easiness during your stay in the US.

New York City

This city is the most populous and busiest in the US. As far as the travel destination is concerned, it has the ample reasons for it. The financial bankers start their business here for the first time. Any invention gets its attention first in this city.

The latest fashion or style for the first time will get noticed in this city as well. One interesting point to observe in the city that you will see the people are walking and running all the day and night. So it is aptly called that the city that never sleeps. If you stand at the intersection of a city road, then you will see that every person is maintaining their city rules and regulation.

Moreover, they actually do without any error as well. Actually, when you will keep your foot in this city, then you will feel that its heavy pressure of activity never dislodges it from its prime concern, spontaneity. Every corner of the the city has a sign of integrity, happiness and spontaneity.

During your stay in New York, if you look for some peaceful area in the city, then you should go the Central Park. It is an awesome place where you can walk freely with a greater peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city as well. If you like to enjoy yourself in the night time in New York, then you can try at Times Square. This place will give you an amazing colorful display of advertising and information on the night which you will never see in any part of the world. New York believes in first, lives by first, thinks at first and shows at first.



It is very much interest travel destination for any traveler. The reason is that its awesome beauty will make anybody fall in love with it. Moreover, besides its scenic beauty, there is another story for Yellowstone waiting for us. Under the Yellowstone National Park, the world’s most powerful volcano is waiting for the eruption. It can erupt at any moment without giving any warning. If it erupts in the full force, then the world will cover with more than 5 kilometers dust and smoke over the sky.

So the most of living bodies will be banished from the earth as well. Never forget to see the Old Faithful. It is a geyser as it erupts in every one and half hour interval. It’s massively more than 130 feet height will mesmerize you well.


It is famous for the scenic beauty. The reason is that Yosemite has a unique feature that it looks different in the summer and winter time. So when you will come to Yosemite in winter, you will see awesome ice flakes which cover it with massive beauty. Moreover, your eyes will never tire of its beauty. Another beauty is waiting for you is that the Yellowstone Lake. This splendid beauty will make you stop for a moment and you will think that how God makes it without any blemish.

San Francisco

This city has a unique combination of the urbanization. Its every neighbor is a class of its own. So when you will venture out to explore these neighborhoods, then you will discover its real class. When you are in San Francisco, then you should never miss the chance of seeing the Golden Gate. Its unique orange paint will mesmerize you well behind your imagination.

Las Vegas

It is famous in the casino capital. Here you will find the world’s most famous casinos and the rich extravaganza of the richest populations. Moreover, in this city, you will see the richest persons in the US who are doing gambling business through casinos. If you have a habit about the gambling, then you should take the opportunity in any one of its casinos. Never forget to visit Bellagio Casino and its fountains. Another example of the modern engineering can be found in the Hoover Dam. You will never imagine its power and depths until you see it.

Washington D.C.

It is the capital of the US. It is the city for American politicians. Moreover, you should visit the Lincoln Memorial which you will never forget when you will see. Another must-see in the city is the Washington Monument. It is unique in its class. Because, when the sunlight fall on it in the morning, it looks awesome with a pure white reflection as it will bemuse you well.


It is famous for the Walt Disney World. Moreover, it will bring the enjoyment beyond your imagination. Particularly, it will give your kids a lifelong experience which they will never forget in their life. Here you will see that how the creativity can be used in the huge scale.

Therefore, these interesting and affordable travel destinations in the US will not only give you a life long experience but it will carry its magnanimous influence on you as well.

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