Top 7 Must-have iPhone Apps Made to Simplify Business Running

Without iPhone one cannot explore and share anything with colleagues. iPhone has many built-in app that help you in sharing files, managing your office work remotely and many other services while on move. In fact, iPhone is just like a Smartphone device and is more than a simple talking phone. Now with iPhone, you can get connected to your business, social media, your friends or family while miles away from your home or office. It also provides you the opportunity to surf the Internet and share files with your business clients and remain in contact with delegates 24hours a day while on the move. iPhone is very powerful mobile device, but to make it more efficient, you must have proper applications installed on you that device. Numerous applications with different names and functions are available in the market. You will have to pick the right app for optimum services. A carefully selected application may lead to boost your work easy and will make your business grow by large.

Dominant mobile apps along with their uses are given below:

1. For upload use Dropbox

While, managing your office workload, you often need to share presentations, doc files, pdf files or multimedia files with your office colleagues. In critical situations, a need arises for immediate files transfer to maintain good business repute. In such cases Dropbox is the best solution for sharing files. You may simply drop the sharing files into the Dropbox from where you can access these files from almost anywhere like from your PC or any other device. In the Dropbox also you can exchange notes, share presentations and even create proposals for your business while being miles away from the office. Dropbox plays big role in sharing all kinds of data.

2. PayPal is free app for money transfer

For money transferring, you need a reliable and fast service. PayPal is a well known and reliable online payment service and is globally used for money transferring. PayPal is also effective in transferring funds from your account in any bank to PayPal or from PayPal to any bank account. You can send invoices to customers; make immediate payments to contractors remotely and many other valuable services through PayPal. PayPal is equally reliable for freelancers and is widely used by freelancers throughout the globe for getting payments for their online jobs. You can do all this by simply downloading PayPal app from official website for free and also enjoy tension free online shopping.

3. Evernote for $45 per year

Evernote provides you the ease in image recognition, PDF file searching, create recordings, share notes and ideas from your iPhone with the outside world. Evernote is smart and intelligent app. When you update any note this application make necessary changes to all relevant notes thus automatically synchronizes all contents. Evernote is also available in $5 per month however, to avoid popup menus $45 yearly package is also available.

4. Skype free app

Skype is a well known platform for making calls or messages using the Internet. You may install Skype on your iPhone and can enjoy free messaging, video calling or by making simple voice calls by having a Skype account over the WI-Fi or 3G connectivity. If you are looking for premium features, priced Skype account is also available on monthly payments.

5. WordPress for Free

WordPress is ranked as the king of content management systems and is essential for web bloggers. If you are the one among millions of WordPress users and want to check your WordPress blogs regularly then WordPress application is the one you are looking for. The application has a free download and is vital for freelancers to update them about blog notifications. This is an official WordPress iOS app to create blogs, manage comments, checking statistics and edit the content while on the move.

6. Mocha VNC Lite

Often while traveling, you need to manage your office desktop system. In this case Mocha VNC Lite, is the application that will enable you to manage your PC and all its native apps for file sharing. The application supports all Apple’s Mac, Intel and all other systems with your iPhone. Navigate and access your desktop PC through your iPhone’s screen the way you need. For enhanced features you will have to get paid version.

7. mSpy for business

If you own a business, or work in an office, it is better to have a close watch on your employee’s activities inside and outside the office. As a fact, the employee’s dishonesty towards your business may lead to many troubles. In time diagnosis of your employees dishonesty can minimize your mental and physical pains.

mSpy is a fast, reliable and smart mobile app that allows you to keep track of all the activities on the target cell phone. mSpy has a user friendly interface and is very easy to install. It occupies less memory space on your mobile and is very cheap in price. Due to reasonable price and best performance, it has excellent feedback and its sale is drastically increasing. mSpy for business is a perfect cell phone tracking app and is considered essential for monitoring how your employees use their cell phones. Even if the employees get the knowledge of being monitored, this will lead them to be honesty towards your company.


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