5 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Life insurance is a great way to help protect your family’s financial future in the event you suddenly die and leave behind a mountain of bills. While most of us would do anything to help provide for our loved ones, there’s no reason to pay too much for life insurance coverage.
There are a few tricks and tips that can really pay off when you are buying a life insurance policy. Follow these five tips to save money and get more life insurance coverage for less.

1: Look into Payment Options

Many insurers allow policy holders to pay their premiums monthly (12 times a year), quarterly (four times a year), semi-annually (twice a year) or even annually (once a year). Paying premiums annually can save you some money by avoiding processing fees which are associated with paying monthly. Ask your insurance company about how much you can save by paying your premiums annually or twice a year.

2: Ask About Milestone Discounts

Some insurance companies offer price breaks, also called milestone discounts, for policies that carry higher coverage amounts. For example, you might get a price break for buying $250,000 worth of coverage instead of $200,000. You could actually save a couple bucks by asking about higher levels of coverage.

3: Get it While You’re Young

It sounds sort of funny, but the reality is that the best time to get a good deal on life insurance is when you are relatively young and in good health. Waiting until later in life when you’re a bit older and maybe dealing with some medical issues can really drive up your premiums. Even worse, waiting until you are older could even prevent you from getting life insurance at any price.

4: Only Buy as Much as You Really Need

Many life insurance consumers think they need a million dollars in coverage, but find they don’t need that much to help cover their debts and financial obligations. Doing a careful analysis of your current and future needs and buying enough coverage to provide for those needs is a good way to avoid overpaying for life insurance.

5: Look for Coverage With Renewal Guarantees

A renewal guarantee means you are guaranteed at least the opportunity to renew your term life insurance policy when your current term expires without having to retake the medical exam. While your new premium will be based on your current age and not the age you were when you first bought coverage, you won’t have to start the shopping process all over again. Skipping the medical exam is particularly valuable if your health has declined since you first bought coverage. Trying to buy life insurance with poor health could mean that you will pay more for coverage or won’t qualify for coverage at any price.


Samantha is a freelance writer based in Chicago who writes about automotive and insurance topics online. Follow her on Twitter @SassySammyBee.