Downsizing For Savings And An Easier Lifestyle

If you’ll be retiring soon or are looking to adjust your budget to avoid overspending, downsizing may be a feasible idea. Aside from the obvious benefits of saving money when it comes to downsizing, there are several ways that moving into a smaller space can improve your overall quality of life. Here are some of the ways that choosing to downsize can help you achieve and maintain financial security.

Downsizing Removes the Temptation to Overspend
If you have a large home, you may automatically be tempted to decorate every corner of the house. This means you’ll constantly be looking for furniture pieces and accents to adorn your home, which means you could end up spending thousands of dollars. When there’s less space to decorate, you’ll spend less money making your home look its best. When you move into a smaller home, you may also have to sell some of your larger furniture pieces. This puts a little cash in your pocket that you can use to fund your moving expenses (i.e. paying the movers, putting gas in the car) or put the money in a savings account.

Downsizing Means Less Upkeep

When you’re living in a small home your lawn will likely be smaller, which means you’ll pay less for lawn maintenance. It will also take less time for you to clean out your attic or basement, which means you have more time to enjoy your new home. Depending on the part of town you’ve moved to, property taxes and homeowner association fees may also be cheaper in a smaller home.

Downsizing Means Working Together

When people live in closer quarters, they may be more likely to learn better conflict resolution solutions. In many cases, since more of the space in the home is shared, people living in a smaller home will also get to know each other better. For instance, it’s more likely that those living in the home will cook together a few nights a week or they may have to share closet space. Although an adjustment period may be required, living in a smaller space can help build camaraderie.

Downsizing Makes It Easier to Be ‘Green’

Living in a cozier home makes it easy for you to conserve energy. Your utility and electricity bills won’t be as high, and you’ll use less solar panels on your home to generate energy. Of course, you’ll also use less water once you downsize. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, but puts more money in your pocket each month.


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