Money Tips for Women

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Study shows women are far better than men to manage money efficiently. They generally have right control on saving and money management. However, women are far behind than men to take independent financial planning and investment decisions. In this article, I have discussed some of the best money tips for women to become self sufficient in independent money management. I am pretty sure, our women audience would find this as highly useful to practice and follow in their daily life.

These tips have not categorized to anything but totally general in the sense of money management. It has financial planning tips, investment ideas, daily life financial management, ideas to become more independent when dealing with money etc.. Moreover to all, these are some tips that are very easy to practice and of course highly possible by all the women.

1. Educate yourself. Better awareness on money management and investing would free you from relying anybody for your own financial security. Get right materials to learn and educate yourself in the areas where you are presently weak. Education expands your mind and enhances your earning potential.

2. Set your own financial goals. This should be realistic and achievable within your limitations. A written financial plan can do wonders once if you have one to stick in it.

3. Know the core of saving, “spend less than what you earn”. Building good money spending habits put you to the comfort zone.

4. Make your own emergency fund. Generally women want such funds to meet their rare requirements. Don’t confuse this emergency fund with the one creating as the part of financial planning. This would be your personal emergency fund to meet your own unavoidable requirements for that you are unable to fetch fund immediately and easily.

5. Ensure your involvements to day to day money planning in your home. Have right authority to take money management decisions in home. An average person anyway makes between 6 and 10 financial decisions a day. That’s a lot of financial thinking.

6. Don’t take the responsibility of debts your boy friend, spouse or friends have. Support them morally, but do not take the whole responsibility as your own. If they have debt, let them get out of it as their own.

7. Always set aside a part of earning as your own. Never contribute your entire earning to the family fund or to the hand of anyone.

8. Have your budget always in place. Think and construct a right budget and be disciplined when dealing with it.

9. Women should identify and spend some time in each day to make money management decisions. If you don’t allocate time for managing your money, you won’t have any money to manage.

10. Learn and practice money saving tips in each area where you get involved to. Internet is the best place to look for some worthy money saving tips that anybody can practice easily. Women should take extra care when engaging to shopping where most of the women losing money unnecessarily.

11. Use your personal items only as your own. Your car is a best example for it. Others never care like you and generally pay little attention whenever uses any items from others.

12. Start investing little by little by focusing your financial freedom in the future. Identify all the possible risks to your life and plan your finance according to that.

13. Be your own decision maker – Each and every person around us has advices and suggestions about money and its management. If you have money, such people always hang around you with lots of advices and suggestions. You can certainly listen to others, but final decision should be always yours on your money. Remember to not take advices and suggestions blindly from others, but be careful to choose the best and avoid the rest.

14. Don’t be an easily approachable person for others to borrow money – Never be available for anyone to approach you easily to get finance. Have a gut to say a ‘no’ if someone approaches to ask money from you. Have a habit of never lend money and never borrow money.

15. Never so-sign with any documents. For an example, if a friend, relative or a family member approaches you to request co-sign with them for a loan, fearlessly say a big ‘no’ to them. If not do so, when he default the loan repayment, you would be responsible for that. Why would take unnecessary headaches.

16. Never put your head to the debt. Control your credit card use for purchasing and pay any bills in time to avoid money lose buy penalties.

17. Always prefer bargaining. Study shows women are 3 times better than men to bargain things. Their interested areas like shopping highly require bargaining power to save lots of money than who not bargain and pay what the shop owners say.

18. Educate others in the family about money management, especially your children. Sharing experience and educating others would enhance your skills and helpful to get more knowledge.

19. Identify the possibilities of generating additional income using your free time. Play homes, beauty parlor, home tuitions are best suitable streams for women to make plenty of money.

20. Learn from mistakes. Don’t let them hobble you.


The Internet has created an incredible resource to get information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use it. Consider speaking with a professional financial planner. Check out good and reputed Web sites to take advantage of their financial tools and calculators which would help you to understand your present status and plan better for future.

Hmm… some of us have even more better tips for our women. Don’t forget to those tips here as your classic comments!