Woman's Money Saving Tips For Routine Travelers

In our world, we must agree that women have better money management skills than men. Whether it is for daily, weekly or monthly basis, they are best to manage personal finance and generally keep some practical tips as their own to save money from any activities. In this context, TMM starting a new initiative of adding successful money saving tips from women in each Wednesday. These tips generally coming from my wife, women friends and many others. Hope the Wednesday money tips from women will become your money saving companion soon.

Today they are informing how one can save money from daily travel. Daily travel will be a routine for majority of us to offices, schools, collages etc. Below are some best tips to save money from this routine travel.

1. Sharing Benefit – Shared travel to similar office or area would help you to save huge money. For example, if you and your friends from same locality may using individual cars to go to same office or location where your schools or collages exists. Instead of going by individual cars, rotate your cars in a daily basis to go as shared. Through this approach, today you are taking your car and picking all your friends to up and down. Next day, someone from your groups doing the same and so on. this shared journey approach help you and your friends to save money not only from fuel costs but, from any deprecations happening to any part of your vehicle.

2. Exercise approach – If you are using public transport, identify the place till you can go ny minimum charge. Public transport generally have pointing systems to calculate the ticket cost. If the point coming less than a or 2 kilometers, you can either have a walk to that point or can use your bicycle to reach there in the morning. Through practice, you are not only saving money of a point each day but, getting ample exercise to your body.

3. Public Transport – If you are utilizing the public transport facility, get the monthly pass. Monthly pass generally less costlier than taking daily tickets. This will help you to save some money in each day but for a long term, this will be a considerable saving.

4. Using Your Bicycle- If your office destination falls withing 5 kilometers, a bicycle will be your best companion to save money from left to right. Using a bicycle not only help you to save money but it would come as a best exercise for you.

If you have such tips, send it directly to me using my above contact form or comment here for the benefit of our readers.