All you need to know About Investment

EVERYONE WANTS TO INVEST THEIR MONEY in something or the other and wish to get good returns on it. But do so; investing at the right time on the right thing can surely help in making some good returns on the money invested. But you should definitely know when and where to invest to increase your monetary savings.

Plan carefully There is no need to make a rush when you are considering investing money anywhere. Rushing in might lead to some mistakes. It is better to check the background of company in case of shares or prices of metals etc. so that you are absolutely sure of making the right decision. Family, friends and office colleagues can also be consulted for any suggestions related to best investment options.

The metals – Gold, Silver & Platinum


The price of the yellow metal is usually on a high all time round the year. Investing in it can be a lucrative option. In the recent years the price and rate of gold has increased tremendously. Gold has shown some major rise in its price and buying it can be a wise option.


Silver on the other hand is a metal whose price usually increases but at times it also decreases. So, one has to be careful of investing in silver. Moreover it would be better to invest in some grams of silver and not more. Silver coins are also available for purchase.


The purchase value of platinum is definitely rocking high, but one thing you have to know is that the resale value of the white metal is hardly 40% of its sale price. Investing in platinum might not be such a great idea.


Another lucrative option is property. If you have the bucks to shell, buying land can offer promising returns than investing in anything else. Plus with the availability of lands and houses being sold from studio apartments to 4 & 5 BHK apartments, it suits every budget and pocket. In a span of just few years, property and land rates start giving some valuable returns.

Stock market

Investing shares can come as a boon to many and at the same time as bane to many. Investing in the stock market is a wise option only if you have the knowledge related to stocks, shares, nifty and much more. Only if you have knowledge, will it be a safe bet to invest in the stock market; else you can lose quite some money. Another case in which one can invest money in shares is by consulting stock brokers, who help people in investing in the right company’s share.

Mutual fund

Mutual fund are a better option than shares in which one gets a fixed return, unlike shares the rates vary considerably and also at times their value can get zero if they get delisted. The risk of losing money in case of mutual funds is also not there. Also there is flexibility of time period in case of mutual funds.


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