Blogging Secrets: The Ethics of Making Money

Making money is an art. Like every art, it requires skills, without which making the money becomes an illusion. The martial artist spends a lot of time learning how to make money. He does this by going for constant training which is accompanied by discipline and self denial. Until he learns the art very well, he cannot perform very well in the field. Such can be attributed to the art of money making.
Although many bloggers simply choose to write a blog because they want to share some thought, idea, opinion or information, there are still many bloggers who simply want to do it because they want to make some extra money.

Making Money is a Science – Believe it

Making money is also a science. Like every science, it has laws and per-suppositions. Failure to follow these laws might result to financial wreckage. Most of the scientific laws have been verified and generally accepted. Such laws will always produce the same result if used on a several occasion. Even though money making cannot completely the same with the natural sciences, it has more connections with the social sciences because of the flexibility of the laws and principles. The major concern is not whether making money is more of arts or science, but rather how can one learn those principles and law or skills of making money. That is the main primary focus of the money matter.

First principle of making money is to reduce what takes money away from your pocket and then increase the avenue of making money. This is the first and ultimate law. When you spending more than what you earn, you will certainly suffer from financial wreckage. Such a lifestyle cannot be the ideal if you truly wish to grow your business to an enviable height. Furthermore, you ought to open various windows of making money. When you reduce your spending spree and open streams of income, you are sure to remain afloat in the financial community.

You can do this through self discipline. It is not very easy to deny your self the pleasures of life, especially when you are still building your business. The psychological principle of desires and wants play a very important people in this. But you must understand that taking much of your money is not healthy for your business growth. You must convince yourself that it is not yet time to enjoy the money. You must plant, nurture and allow the money to grow like a tree before you start to pluck it. You must understand that certain momentary pleasure will certainly bring an everlasting pain, while some momentary pain will surely bring about an everlasting pleasure.


Diversification is one of the keys of wealth generation. This might contradict the money-making principle of FOCUS (Follow One Course until Success). This principle states that you should not delve into more than one business. Just follow one line of business and focus on it until you record success. But this principle is either deceptive or needs a re-interpretation. If we choose the traditional meaning of the FOCUS principle, it then means that making money should be restricted both in time and space, but this cannot be true because there is no logical basis of restricting money making. For reconsideration, FOCUS should mean that you remain focus in all your streams of business. Hence, FOCUS should not be an impediment to economic diversifications.

Final Words – Must Update Your Blog with Fresh Contents

Additionally, blogging should be constant that means giving your audience fresh content on a given schedule. You can see at is updated on a regular basis with useful and actionable information. As long as you are giving blog that contain useful information you can expect that readers will look forward for new releases of blogs in the future. Blogging requires a lot of efforts and hard work but is also rewarding in the end. Most online business owners give credit to blogging in driving more traffic to their sites that leads to increase in sales. Therefore, it is worthy to invest in blogging and expect success of your business.


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