Family Finance: Six Sneaky Tips for Cutting Costs

SAVING MONEY DOESN’T REQUIRE sacrificing your favorite things. Finding simple solutions to cutting costs is as easy as looking at where you are spending and checking for new alternatives that are less costly.

Be Thrifty
Shopping secondhand stores for books is one simple way to keep your family reading at just a fraction of the cost of the local bookstores. You can find secondhand books for anywhere from fifty cents to a few dollars for hardback versions of your favorite stories.

Dress Your Best

Saving money on clothing and accessories is simple when you shop online. Many websites offer high quality clothes and accessories for the family at a price that you can feel good about. Buying new clothes is a good idea when you want a product that will last longer, saving you more money over time than buying used clothing, which can wear out quickly. Since kids grow so quickly, you can save on their clothes by buying second hand and my shopping the clearance rack.

A good tip is to look one size larger than your child currently wears in the clearance section, helping you to get quality clothing at a good price.

Eat In
You don’t have to sacrifice the taste of your favorite takeout places when you learn how to cook your favorite menu items at home. Try looking for copycat recipes online and cook the meal together as a family rather than ordering in. Family dinner is a great time to save money and also has the added benefit of creating a time for the family to reconnect.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is a simple way to save money even when your family insists on brand name products. Toiletries, food and office or school supplies are very budget-friendly when you can buy in larger quantities. Make sure that you compare the cost of ordering in bulk based on how quickly your family will use the product. For instance, if you purchase food in bulk make sure that your family can finish the product before it expires or goes stale to truly save money.

Go For Free

Playing at your local park, going on a nature hike and visiting your local library are all free things that you can do to keep your family active and entertained. Rather than renting movies or buying new novels, check the library first and look for community events like festivals to cut your entertainment budget.

Trade It In

When you need something, whether a babysitter for the afternoon or a prom dress, try looking for ways to trade for what you need. Neighbors and friends who are also looking for a way to cut their budget may be more than willing to make a trade for the things that you need.

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