Managing Your Investments on the Go

Image via Flickr by Jane Quigley (jquig99)

WHEN YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE GO, it is often difficult to stay on top of your investments. But, with numerous apps emerging in the investment field, it is becoming much easier to manage it all. Check out these top apps that can help you take care of your investments.

Motif Investing

The Motif Investing app is among one of the most popular investing apps, so much that even CNNMoney puts it at the top of their list. Organize your portfolios on your cell phone and customize 90 themed portfolios with up to 30 stocks. The app analyzes and filters stocks and puts related stocks into categories. Users can then purchase a motif and track the stocks within that category. This is a great app for people who invest in the stock market and it makes investing simple for those who are just starting out.


The Bloomberg app allows you to track your investments in real-time by providing detailed charts. You can securely manage your investments even through a BYOD work environment through BYOD with BlackBerry. You’ll be able to track your company’s investments, or your personal investments with peace of mind, through this secure network.

The Bloomberg app will allow you to perform additional tasks to monitoring your investments securely, like reading news updates, managing virtual portfolios, checking prices, listening to podcasts, researching company descriptions and customizing your stock list.

Personal Capital

This app currently has over 10,000 users on the most standard version and it’s backed by years of experience from CEO Bill Harris, former CEO of PayPal and Intuit, says Stay on top of all your financial accounts with the Personal Capital app. Track your bank, credit card and investment accounts all in the same place, and even make payments and transfers straight from your smartphone. With the app, you even get free financial advice and you’ll also find useful tools such as a 401k fee analyzer, a mutual fund fee calculator and investment checkup tools.

NetDania Forex

Stay up-to-date with the latest economic trends with the NetDania Forex app. This app delivers live updates on economic data around the world. Customize the app to send you notifications when it updates the latest news and track data on currency pairs, key commodities and global stock exchanges.


Take most of what offers with you on-the-go with this one-stop tool for your mutual fund research. Check out star ratings and updates on top holdings, management and performance on over 8,100 exchange-traded and mutual funds. Perform research and make decisions all while out and about so that you don’t miss a thing.


Like the other mentioned apps, StockTwits tracks real-time stock and investment data and allows you to manage your portfolio, but it comes with more useful features. In addition to these great tools, StockTwits analyzes Twitter feeds to show you which stocks are currently being tweeted about, allowing you to join the conversation about the latest trends.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into investing or you’ve been doing it for a while, these apps should help you easily manage your investments on the go.



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