7 Great ideas to accumulate gold through easy steps

Buying gold not only giving security and profit in the future but, also it is a good investing instrument to hedge against inflation. Buying gold in one time require plenty of money and it is impossible for an ordinary person to buy enough at a time. Following are some easy steps anybody can follow to acquire gold like a Systematic investment approach in mutual funds. Try it and be wealthy.

Idea 1 : Buy coins monthly using systematic approach : Through this approach you can accumulate gold coins each and every month. A one gram or 2 gram coins can be purchased each month after getting your salary. Depends on your capacity, you can use surplus amount to purchase the coins in the end of each month. This is a best method to accumulate gold as drop by drop.

Idea 2 : Buy Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) : Through gold ETF, you can buy units to hold for long time. The difference is, when purchasing through ETF, you are not getting physical gold. Instead, you are getting the unit certificates. Using this method, you can buy the ETF directly from the stock market and whenever you have money. Gold ETF trading like common stocks and available to purchase directly from stock market. Generally a unit of ETF costs same as the value of one gram gold. The major advantage of this idea is, your gold is safe and no need to search for security to keep gold.

Idea 3 : Purchase the Bar/Coins from Banks : Many banks offering to purchase bullion by giving a small amount in the beginning and rest through monthly installments. This is an idea to buy gold whenever you have enough money to pay the initial amount and rest through equal installments. An another advantage is, it is not require to pay any interest.

Idea 4 : Collectibles : There are many vendors offering gold collectibles such as gold coins and ornaments and you can purchase the same through their websites. This will give you the benefit of gold and the profit from collectibles in the future sale or auction. www.goldline.com is a site providing such service to customers.

Idea 5 : Buy from public auctions : Many of banks and private financial enterprises conducting gold auctions almost every year and this is the best place to buy gold in a very low price. This is different and depends on the country.

Idea 5 : Invest in Gold Mutual funds : Yes, investing in gold mutual funds will give the same profit of physical gold that you are holding and selling later. A systematic approach to buy gold mutual fund will add enough value to your portfolio.

Idea 6 : Gifts for special occasions : It is a good idea to purchase and gift coins to special occasions happening to your family such as birthday of wife, kids, parents or self and the time of anniversaries.

Idea 7 : Purchase the equity of Gold companies : Little different from the previous 6 ideas, you can purchase stocks of gold companies. The major advantage is, when the gold price is rising, the equity price of gold companies rise two times. Using this idea, you can diversify your investments by buying mutual funds that is particularly investing on national and international gold companies.

Comments to know your feeling and ideas other than above seven are welcome.

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