Diamond-The next investment instrument

All of we are aware about the possible investment instruments that is available in the market today. Equities, commodities, types of mutual funds, insurance, gold, real estate, various bank deposits, bonds, money markets, art collections are some of the best know investment instruments today. At present, we are seeing the real estate boom in almost all the countries especially developing countries which giving huge profit to those who are investing by considering all the factors properly.Still investors awaiting to find out an emerging investment instrument that provide maximum capital protection and huge profits. Here is one you can certainly consider to invest and that is Diamonds. Yes, the value and price of diamond increasing day to day basis. Also it has an another advantage that, while buying diamond, you can ensure the future value and security by getting the certificate on the spot.There are some major advantages to invest in diamond. The important advantage of diamond is its price is less volatile. Also the price of diamonds are increasing rapidly. More that 50% of increase in price has been seen for last 6 years. Another merit is, the resale value of the diamond is same as the new. There is no value lose when you are selling the diamond that has certificate.While selecting diamond as an investment instrument, an investor should be well aware about fours “C”s. Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. Remember, in Gold, a carat (karat) means purity but for diamond, a carat means weight.

There are some points to remember when buying diamond.

#1. Should have clear idea about the Clarity, cut and color of the diamond that you are buying. Clarity is the measurement to identify how pure the diamond is or the percentage of other substance in the diamond. Knowledge about clarity of a diamond is a must consider factor before buying.#2. Know that the resale value of diamond is entirely depends on its clarity#3. The brilliance of the diamond is entirely depends on the color grade. If the color grade is less then the brilliance is also less. Increasing yellow reflection in diamond will decrease the value and price.#4. The best diamond today is known as Cut Excellent Make Diamond. The difference is cut will reduce the price in a great extend. Do not compromise in cut when you are selecting diamonds.#5. Check out the minimum price (in cash) offer from the company when buying the diamond. Or ask the reasons that may cause a price difference when you sell the diamond.#6. Confirm the certification of diamond when you buy one. Get all the information about the clarity, cut and color. Confirm the same has been mentioned in the ornaments. You can test and confirm the laser print certification number mentioned on the certificate by using special lenses that is providing by the jeweler.

Tip: Diamond fixed on the gold, specially 22 karat gold, has more demand than fixed on silver or any other metals. When buying diamond, ask whether it is a whole sale price with the metals i.e. gold, platinum etc.., where the diamond fixed. If it is a wholesale price with the metals, ask and confirm the price of diamond separately. Most of the places, they are informing the price separately for diamond and the metal where the diamond fixed.

You should have the necessary knowledge to identify proper diamond to receive good profit when you buying. Buy diamond from the authorized sellers and confirm all the documents are proper and genuine. As a stone there are lots of fake can happen and knowledge is the utmost power to overcome all this obstacles.Happy diamond investing… Comment once if you find this is a good article OR

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