Helpful Tips to Track Your Lost Phone

track-phone-apps-9576591 All smartphones produced by leading mobile companies are equipped with Global Positioning System, GPS for short, which allows the phone to be tracked via satellite wherever it may be on the planet. GPS can be very helpful by letting you keep track of your current location on the map, allowing you to follow particular driving directions to reach your destination, or to inform someone of your whereabouts if you are trying to meet. There are many mobile apps that use GPS to show you your coordinates on the world map.
One very useful application of GPS is to help you track your cell phone if it happens to get misplaced or stolen. Depending on your situation, you will mostly be able to track your phone if you know how to.

Tracking apps to install on your phone

When you purchase a smartphone, try to install some tracking app on it as soon as you get the chance. mSpy is one such app that is recommended as an anti-theft software to keep track of your phone. It is available for Android phones, iPhones and Windows Mobile. Once you install it, allow it to start tracking your phone. Its operation will remain hidden and the app will keep uploading your phone’s location info to a secured online server. You can access it using a PC by entering your login and password.

There are also ways of tracking ordinary phones without advanced operating systems like Android or iOS. AccuTracking is a service that can track non-smartphones using their GPS, the latter being enabled in most modern phones. If your phone is nowhere to be found, you can login to your app account and locate it. It will work as long as your phone is turned on.

How to track your phone after losing it
You might lose your phone without having installed a tracking software beforehand. Do not fret because there are still ways to recover it.

To track a lost Android phone, simply log into your Google account and install an app named ‘Plan B’. It will be remotely downloaded to and installed on your phone, and will send its coordinates to your Gmail account. If you happen to be away from your computer or do not have access to the internet, you can simply text the word ‘locate’ to your phone from someone else’s cell, and will receive its location info in the form of a text message.

For iPhone users there is an app called ‘Find my iPhone’. They can install it on any Apple device and log in to their Apple account. This app also comes preinstalled in devices operating on iOS 5 or later, so you do not have to worry about installing it if your phone’s iOS is updated. It will track your iPhone’s location and display it on a map. If you have lost it inside your home or office, the app can make your phone emit a loud sound to help you locate it.

If you lose a non-smartphone without having installed a tracking service like mSpy on it, it might not be possible to locate your phone. Without an advanced operating system there is little room for innovative measures when the phone is out of your possession. However, since most mobile operators offer GPS services for which they may charge you, you can try to contact them to see if they are able to help you track and recover a GPS-enabled phone.


Post by Katrin Deres. Experienced blogger who writes about mobile monitoring solutions, check for more information.