Insurance Claiming – 5 Best practices to make it hassle free

Claiming insurance is painful if you are not planned well. Please find below 5 steps you have to consider and take care off:1. The major material fact is insurer can reject your claims if wrong details provided by you or any provided misleading information about yourself, your health , family history, occupation, financial details etc… to avoid this, ensure and the furnished information are true and correct. Misleading or improper information can make your policy claim null and void.2. There an another big issue related to nomination: Before doing any nomination, you have to inform your nominee about all including, policy number, insurer contact and addresses as well as he/she should have access to the policy documents. Proper management of nominee can avoid claim delays till a great extend. Also aware to give correct and true information about nominees. Or the claim can be null or void.3. To maintain a policy, you are required to pay the premium properly before the due date. Don’t fall into the bad habit paying the premium at the end of bonus time providing by most insurers after the due date. Pay properly.4. Nominees should take care of filling up the claim form without mistakes. The details adding to the claim form must be correct and valid. Any error in the claim form will make the claim null and void. To avoid this, keep copy of all documents when filling the claim form. Nominees should check with claim officer about the correctness of entries and the signatures of self and witness.5. Nominees should take care of attaching all necessary documents when making a claim. This will include, but not limited too, copies of death certificate, FIR report, Policy certificate as well as proof of identity etc.. to avoid any problem, nominee should get a list of documents required by insurer by approaching them directly. By doing this properly, you can avoid delays.So do it properly at all time. Keeping records, information and contacts are necessary when doing a claim. Recheck your provided information and all the important areas in a claim form before submitting the same to the insurer.If you found this article is useful or you have a comment, express it to help other readers too…

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