Money Saving Apps

Being thrifty and saving money isn’t really something about tricks; it’s about being frugal. By being smarter with your money and planning where it is going and why, you can really cut down expenses. No matter how much we spend, everyone wants to save money but getting the mix between lifestyle and luxuries right can be a difficult effort.

Fortunately, with our pocket companions you can find apps to help you along the way. The rise of smartphones and competition between the big players means that now you can find features to help your life whether you’re on iOS7 or BlackBerry 10. Here are six of the best:

• Spreets daily deals

This discount coupon app is a great addition to the library for those who look to save money through coupons. The deals on the app are an aggregator of all the leading deal companies so you can find the best discounts in the market directly from Spreets.

• RedLaser

Price comparison sites are all the rage. From surfing while on the sofa to checking if you’re getting the best deal in store, they can help you save a whole lot of money. This is exactly what RedLaser does, you can scan barcodes on anything and find reviews and ratings about each product as well as where to find the cheapest price.

• TrackMySpend

This money-saving app comes traight from the government and while it might not be particularly exciting it is sensible and usable. Just as the name suggests you can easily track any personal expenses and features like spending categories, set budgets and limits can really aid in separating your wants from your needs.

• CatchOfTheDay

If you’re looking for something to know when and where the best flash sales are happening. The hefty discounts give you great prices, the shipping times are good and you can get anything and everything from jewellery to clothes to toys.

• Grocery IQ

Need a better way to keep your grocery lists? Grocery IQ is your ideal help as you can sync and share lists, scan bar codes and get coupons with your loyalty card straight from the app. It is a well-known fact that spending decreases with a purposeful list, so keep your expenses down with this app.

• Epicurious

Sometimes you’ve done your shopping but don’t know what to make or have certain ingredients but don’t know how to use them. A free recipe app with more than 28,000 recipes is a great way to find a way to use your food stuff so you can cook at home which is both healthier and cheaper than going out. Win win. There are so many apps out there to help you when it comes to saving money. Honorable mentions are extended to Groupon, Wealie abd the Coles app because they also offer great money saving tips. Money management can seem like a chore, but when done right it can make a big difference.

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