One up on wall street by Peter Lych – The investors best friend

As an investor you should buy the book ‘On up on wallstreet ‘ by great investor Peter Lynch and keep in your library to read promptly.In his bestseller, he is clearing the common doubts of all investors, some of which mentioned below, to be a good investor.# What are the best investment instruments?# What is a stock market index and what an investor do with the same?# Which are the best companies for future?# Whether to believe analyst reports?# What are best timings to buy and sell equities?These are some of the common doubts investors have in mind when start investing. Peter Lynch providing us a better advise and solution to understand all these doubts through his book.While reading One Upon Wall Street, you will get the idea on better investment decisions. Even though, below are some advises Peter Lynch opening to investors to understand and act promptly:# Invest surplus money only. Invest the money that you don’t required for next three years or more.# Direct investment to equity is far better option than investing through mutual funds.# Understand the company where you are investing. Have awareness about their product, services, growth opportunity before making any investment decisions.# Analyst reports are blunders. Do not follow them. If you know a better company and you know the price will zoom up, will you inform the share the same to somebody else? Remember, most of the analysts or investment gurus just advising people to buy stocks but, personally they are not holding the same.# Research is a must part before taking an investment decision or investing. One should spend atleast two to five hours to research about the company before any action. Requirement of understanding about the value through analyzing P/E ratios make an investor able to select proper companies and better investment decision.

# Market always fluctuates. Confidence and patience are two must have qualities for a good investor. Responding to the market volatility showing your fear and which can lead you to take wrong decisions, that may result huge loses instead of better profits.

# Home is the best ever investment. Buy a home first. Real estate is the best and profitable investment and it has enough value to an investor’s money.# There is nothing you have to do with index. Success of investment entirely on your research and better decisions. Identifying the growth potential of a company properly and investing on that will always reward you as an investor.Advices from Peter Lynch like above, can make you more wise to take decisions and to be a successful investor. This book can provide you enormous wisdom on investing from the experience of a most successful investor in the world. It is a must buy and read…. decision is yours…

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