Real Estate Pre-Launch offer– Things to remember

As we know real estate is booming and known as one of the best investment instrument today. Builders are competing to net clients with lots of pre-launch offers. One should be well aware about the following before applying to a pre-launch offer from a real estate company.#1. Find out how much trustworthy the builders is, what is his track record in the sector, what is there experience in the field. A clean track record with lots of years experience in the industry can be considered as best.#2. Check whether the builder received all the required permissions for his project. If any permission is pending, the money you spent will not give you the required profit at time. The financial capacity of the builder is a major factor to consider and understand before applying to pre-launch offers. This factor will decide whether he can complete the project successfully and in time.#3. Check and find out the ownership of land belongs to the builder where he is planning to start the project. This should not be an agreement between builder and the original owner of the land. If builder does not have ownership of the land but he has agreement with the original owner of the land where project is starting, can raise problems in the future. It is advisable to move out from such one.#4. Find out the possibility of price increase/variations from the pre-launch offer price in the future. There are possibilities to increase the price in the future from the pre-launch offer price. As a tip, compare the given price with the price of some projects in the same to decide the fair value. Think twice if the prices are in the upper band.#5. If you are a real estate investor, find out the housing demand in the area. Once you enter and there is no demand for housing in the area will give you huge lose.It is better to find out when the price is coming down and enter in the proper time. You should wide open your eye to the market to understand the changes happening in the industry. Proper decision by considering all the major factors, will give you huge profit from real estate investment. It is sure that the pre-launch offer is the best time to buy real estate in the minimum price but the above mentioned points should be considered. Wish you a happy investing

Comment if you know any more factors to be considered.

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