Step by Step to Stop a Bad Habit and Convert the Savings to Millions

In my previous and famous article, convert a bad habit to millions, I have said the best possible methods to stop a bad habit and convert that spending to millions of dollars by making proper decisions. As a continuation of the same, I am giving some best possible ideas to stop a bad habit, smoking, which is stealing a major portion of money from a smoker. Try the following methods and inform me the status.There are 2 methods available in front of a smoker to stop his habit. One is to reduce gradually and completely stop smoking. Second is, stopping immediately at once.This is some possible step by step suggestions help you to reduce the habit gradually and stop completely.

  • Try to smoke half of a cigarette always. To do this, before lighting a cigarette, break half and smoke.
  • Have a strict practice of not smoking in the office or at home
  • Practice to not smoke in public places
  • Avoid inhaling, and never leave a cigarette dangling in your mouth
  • Extend your smoking time to one or more hours from the regular smoking time. This is helpful if you have a practice of smoking cigarette in the morning. Extend it to some hour later
  • If you have more willpower, take a decision to stop cigarette immediately.
  • You can approach experts to get proper advice and counseling to how to quit smoking. This step will help you to identify the reasons you are forcing to smoke.
  • Get support from friends and family to not restart the habit again.
  • Once if you fail to stop the habit, try and try again till you succeed.

Once after quitting completely, identify the amount you were spending earlier, in a daily basis, and have a practice of save that much amount daily. Then read my previous article convert a bad habit to millions to know how you can double this money.

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