What’s Life after Retirement?

after-retirement-5486714 Retirement is a topic that is always referred to as the final phase, the end of a career. One leaves behind the world of employment to build a life after it. Retirement is considered a big decision and every step should be well thought-out, well-planned. It’s the point in one’s life when all the years of hard work pay off and one can finally enjoy what one saved for. This is especially true for those who availed of insurance plans. But the central question is, what’s life after retirement? What’s going to happen next? These questions pop up in nearly every discussion concerning retirement. People gracefully retire from their careers without ever really thinking of what’s going to happen next, especially those who have insurance plans. They feel secure in the future. Some people venture into different businesses when they retire. Some simply spend all their time with their families and loved ones.
But is this really all there is to “retirement living”? Many handle retirement in their own ways, but how does one keep oneself and one’s family safe? Are life insurance policies, along with some money saved in the bank, enough to keep one financially safe? Will these be enough to survive on? Here are some ideas to ponder on:

● Life after Retirement is not Always about Financial Matters

Whenever people plan on retiring, most of them look at it in terms of money. It is always about the money. Some wonder if their savings will be enough to send their kids or grand children to school, will it be enough to survive on every day, will it allow them to live the kind of lifestyle they used to enjoy when they were still working? Sure, money is vital. But money matters aside, how a retiree pictures life after retirement, that search for personal satisfaction, is equally important.

● Life after Retirement is about Personal Satisfaction and Purpose

Retirement is not always associated with age. There are people who retire young because of a certain goal or idea or purpose. They want to achieve something. Some want to study another field or take care of an ailing family member or learn a new sport and pursue it. A retiree may also go back and try to accomplish things she or he failed at in the past. Or maybe a hobby or a new career perhaps. It really depends on each case. And in some cases, this could take some time. Some find it hard to look for that purpose, but once they find it, they get to enjoy a fulfilling life after retirement.

● Life after Retirement is about Peace of Mind

Some have insurance policies but may still be worried. Will it still be enough? Will they need more? At this point the best thing to do is just relax and stick to the plans one made pre-retirement. Asking about these things are good. Worrying the details to death isn’t.

● Life after Retirement could be about Being Active

Since retirement means more time, maybe this is the perfect time for retirees to catch up on other obligations and all the other things they missed out on while they were busy earning a living. Doing community and social work could be a life-changing experience right after retirement. Sometimes, being engaged in different activities and interacting with different people from all walks of life lead to the discovery of what one wants to accomplish after retirement. Sometimes success after retirement can also be measured on how one is able to socialize. Success during employment of course transpired with help of diverse. Being able to continue to practice people and social skills after retirement gives one a sense of fulfillment.

● Life after Retirement Spent with Family

Life after retirement automatically becomes a shared experience with the family. The family is also part of the decision-making during pre-retirement planning. Now, after retirement, it’s important to make time for the family and build new dreams and goals with them. Family is one of the top reasons why people plan on retiring. It’s mostly because of them and for them.

● Life after Retirement is about Growing One’s Funds

After stating all the non-money facets of life after retirement, aside from family, one of the major reasons is to grow funds. Most people who retire have enough money in the bank to fully support their retirement living. Since the employment phase is over, this may be the time for one to explore other financial options, like investments or a start-up business.

● Life after Retirement is about Rebuilding One’s Character

Character and attitude—the right kind—are the traits that have to be maintained after retirement. During employment years, certain characters have been built that may have affected one’s personality or social behavior. Retirement living is the perfect opportunity to examine and reflect on those changes. And whether to change or keep them.

● Life after Retirement is about Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Being out of the professional world could be the perfect time to finally get ride of all of one’s vices. It’s a great way to start a healthy lifestyle. Life after retirement is a chance to build a healthier, happier self..

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Ian G. Elbanbuena is a blogger and infopreneur who writes on various topics mainly finance, self-improvement, business and marketing. At present he works as marketing staff at comparehero.my, Malaysia’s leading comparison website. This portal helps individuals in making the best decision by comparing rates from different finance and insurance providers.