5 Steps to Be a Banker

career-banker-3813705 Building a career in banking is deceptively simple. The role of a banker may stretch from taking the deposits from the customers and lending it out to the borrowers, charging fixed interest rate, calculating the rates of amount deposited and loans lent and figuring out the revenues generated each month. The responsibilities of a banking manager circumvents around these few sets of activities for which he/she may earn handsome. To reach atop in the banking career lot of efforts are required and aspirants need to hold high inclination towards the discipline. But is it necessary that you too find the profile of a banker enticing? Are you choosing a career in it banking because it is a most flourishing discipline, offering promising opportunities as against others where job market is not as good? Banking’s jobs are the most sought after nowadays and with numerous opportunities released by financial institutions each year, large numbers of aspiring students are aiming to enroll for a course or studying financial courses to weave a robust professional path. But before picking a career as a banker and going along with the flow take a reading stroll lowdown here to get a clear glimpse at what all you ought to possess to be a banker:-
Ethically correct: – A banker usually deals with lot of money on day to day basis. For an aspirant willing to choose a career as a banker it becomes essential to have all the ethical values intact. There are many cases reported for bakers involving in money embezzlement and other deceitful activities. If you are looking for a long term career in the vocation and aim at building customer nexus then make sure you keep off from all such activities.

Good at numbers: – Banking professionals ought to develop excellent numeric skills. Students good with numbers and aspiring to have a banking career can apply for MBA in Banking or can take up M.com course. Different institutes and colleges offer specialized courses in banking which helps the students to pursue a career as an investment banker, financial counselor, wealth portfolio management and others, these professions are closely allied to banking industry and offer lucrative salary packages.

Prepare well: – Many students instead of enrolling for any professional course take up banking entrance exams directly. The students appearing for the exam ought to be a graduate from any discipline.

The recent trend in the banking sector reflects that the market remains inundated with professionals who are taking up clerical and probationary officer’s exam each year. Amid large numbers of those appearing for the course, many fail to clear the assessment and the biggest reason is lack of self- preparation. PO exams are tuft requiring self-efforts and focused preparation. Make sure you do lot of practice and your reading habits change from fictitious novels to general knowledge books and current affairs. Speed up to complete the practice papers on time and avoid landing up for negative markings.

Polite persona: – As banking professional you ought to have a smart and polite personality. On the daily basis a banking professional deals with several customers having different finance related problems which a professional is expected to resolve keeping a smiling face. Make sure you shrug off your mood swings as short-tempered professionals may find hard to cope with stress.

Team player: – A banker has to be a team player as whichever branch he is put to the role, he needs to work interdependently with other departments to accomplish the task. He is expected to work in good spirits with all efforts cohesively streamlined towards realizing the end goals.

There are various trends in banking branches that have evolved overtime and surfaced different opportunities before the aspirants to choose from. Keep a consistent tap on these branches and develop your skills in the related sub-discipline to have an excelling career path.

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Writer by profession, Subhadra Bhadauria pools her writing work for leading educational site shiksha.com and apprises students about career in banking. She has completed her mass communication and engages herself in novel writings.