Discount Car Insurance for Seniors

The problem that many seniors have with car insurance is the fact that they are on a fixed budget, which makes it tough to continuously pay inflated car insurance rates. Seniors are one of the age groups that are hit with higher rates, as insurance companies see them as more likely to get into accidents or end up with traffic tickets for things like missing stop signs and not signaling properly.
Thankfully there are several ways in which seniors can get discounts on their car insurance. Some of the discounts are easy to obtain, while others involve a little work. On top of this, there are few things that seniors can do to ensure that they are receiving the possible car insurance rates.

Shop Around for an Insurer

Shopping around to receive the best possible price on car insurance is very important for everyone, especially seniors. Some insurance companies let you pick your price range and then fit your insurance policy to that amount, while others will offer you several rates to choose from. There is no harm in checking with other companies, so make a list of the ones that you want to try and call them up. You can even ask a computer-handy child or grandchild to check online for you to see if you can save money by going paperless.

Ask About Insurance Discounts for Seniors

Some car insurance companies offer discounts only for seniors. There are a number of groups for those older than 55, like the AARP, that have special insurance programs for their members. You can also ask your insurance company if they have any of these specials, and then see if you qualify. There might also be discounts if you bundle all of your insurance policies together under the same company. Every penny counts so don’t be afraid to ask!

Consider Going Down to One Vehicle

One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance is by going down to one vehicle. Even if you keep your second car, by calling your insurance company and having it put on liability only or non-driving status, you will get a discount. Of course, if you drive this car and end up in an accident, you’ll have to pay to have it repaired. This is why it is usually cheaper to sell your extra vehicle and only have one.

Take a Driving Course

One of the best ways for seniors to save money on their car insurance is by taking a driving course. As people age, their reflexes begin to slow down. This is why insurance companies charge them more: slower reflexes could potentially mean more accidents. Taking (and passing) a driving course signals to the insurance company that senior drivers are still diligent on the road, netting them a discount on their car insurance premiums. Of the many things that seniors can do to receive discounted car insurance, shopping around and asking for discounts are two of the most important. Taking a driving course might be pricey, but the discounts received on insurance premiums can make up for that expense. Lastly, going down to one vehicle, if at all possible, can help seniors save a lot of money on their car insurance. In fact, this last one can cut their premiums in half, since they will have half as many vehicles.


This car insurance article was written by insurance expert Terry Wood. Terry is a writer with a website that helps users save money on quotes.