My Precious: Money-Saving Tips on Buying the Best wedding or Engagement Rings

So there, you have found the woman Hollywood love stories have been telling you about, that woman you’d share your life, present and future with. She’s the most suitable partner, and now you want to be with her for life. Looking back on the past; dating and courtship has been a journey of getting to know, nights of movies, dining, poetry scribbles and sweet conversations that last all night. As you move on to the next level, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to pr ove your commitment by working hard and saving up for an engagement ring. A lot of love-struck men search the Internet for tips and information regarding engagement rings. While some of the men in this statistic may be worried about the price tag, rest assured we will give you as much information as we could to filter your fine jewelry hunt down to the most important essentials. Regardless whether you’re looking for engagement rings or wedding rings, the information in this article is applicable to both.

1. Buying engagement rings online.

Engagement rings can be bought at jewelry boutiques as well as over the Internet. If you are opting to buy an engagement ring online, here are a few tips to avoid getting scammed and ripped off all that hard earned money.

• Perfect Feedback Counts

Before making any transactions with online sites that deal fine jewelry, such as eBay, make sure the user you are about to engage business with has a perfect feedback track record from past customers. This is to make sure that the person you’re dealing with has a clean business reputation of delivering real, quality products.

• A Clear Return Policy

An effective return policy allows you sufficient time relative to the cost of the ring, if the engagement ring needs to be returned. A 3-day return policy is not a fair deal if you’ve paid for a ring valued at US$ 10,000 and above. TVs and home theater appliances have better return policies than that. Be vigilant on deals that offer disproportionate return time allowances in relation to price. Having a clear return policy on your purchases can spare you from time, stress and effort spent if certain situations rise.

• Papers

An online seller that has GIA issued certificates in his possession most likely has an honest and legitimate evaluation of the ring’s appraisal and value. Contained within these certificates are a number of important specifications regarding the ring’s gemstone such as the cut, clarity, carat weight and color.

2. Metals and Gemstones

Platinum and Gold are two of the most commonly used in premium jewelry. While platinum is the more expensive metal, it is proven to be more durable and resistant to scratches than gold. Platinum rings can last a lifetime’s worth of exposure without having nicks and scratches. Also, platinum rings can hold gemstones more stable than gold. The selection and configuration of rare gemstones adorning an engagement ring can either add up or lessen the cost of your purchase. Known for its glimmering luster and association to prestige, diamonds are the preferred standard gemstones for both wedding and engagement rings.

3. Carats

Carats on fine metals, such as gold and platinum, deal with measuring the metal’s purity. Carats on diamonds are for measuring the gemstone’s size and weight.

4. Cuts

A poorly done cut does not give a diamond the brilliance and shimmer it is known for, no matter what carat weight. According to brilliance, the diamond cut grades are called: Ideal, Excellent, and Very Good.

5. Color

The most valued and expensive diamonds are colorless. Color is evaluated on a scale running from D-Z to evaluate the diamond’s gradients from colorless to light yellow. Colorless diamonds look best on platinum. For yellow gold, colorless to near colorless are recommended.

Colorless: D-F Near Colorless: G-J Faint Yellow: K-M Very Light Yellow: N-R

Light Yellow: S-Z

6. Clarity

Clarity is defined and evaluated by the amount of imperfections called “inclusions” within the diamond. Imperfections can range from nicks, scratches, clouds or even fractures. Clarity is evaluated from none to least inclusions to most inclusions through this scale:

IF – Internally Flawless VVS1 – Very Very Slightly Included VVS2 VS1 – Very Slightly Included VS2 SI1 – Slightly Included SI2 I1 – Included I2


7. Additional tips on finding the best deals

By avoiding solitaires diamonds you can significantly lessen the cost of your engagement ring purchase. Solitaires are diamonds that are weighed 1 carat above. Jewelers charge a higher mark up price for solitaires. It is recommended that you go for a customized ring with a smaller diamond. Having a custom band wrapping around the diamond gives an illusion of larger size. Also, have your engagement and wedding rings insured. Having your diamond’s certificate number inscribed by laser is a good way of marking these lifetime jewelries in case of misfortunate events. Also, a number of insurance providers offer discounts for inscribed diamonds. Do not worry, having your diamonds inscribed won’t affect its value.

Author Bio:

Kyle Kam is a writer for Discount Queens, offers advice to make couponing work for everyone, no matter the situation or motivation, from novice to pro. Kyle often writes for several finance blogs and teaches people how to make the most out of their money.