Top Financial Opportunities And Highly Advanced Investment Strategies Of 2013

Only proper investment strategies can lead to the development of the overall economic condition globally. This also leads to the enhancement of the different financial opportunities. Only wise investors can avail the best financial opportunity by doing proper investments. These wise investors sincerely follow the current market trends and frame their financial planning accordingly. Since the global financial market is quite unpredictable therefore these wise investors religiously follow the various essential updated financial data and expert tips on the online economic sites. They also take necessary financial suggestion from the various investment experts regarding the same. As per the current financial scenario, the financial experts are working hard on the development of the overall economic condition of the world.

Economic Graphs Showing the Financial Trends

The financial experts are really expecting a lot in the year 2013 relating the strong financial positions of the various stocks and commodities in the stock market. The emerging market is highly indicating towards the good trading of the exchange traded funds providing a lot of opportunities of foreign diversification. As per the financial reports, the gold showed a good growth in the year 2011 which substantially came down in the following year of 2012. The year 2012 experienced a noticeable hike in the technology based investments. As per the current technical analysis of 2013, the investment in the commodity market is showing a growing trend in the overall global economic condition. This commodity market highly includes the investments in gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

Top Investment Strategies in 2013

The best investment strategy of 2013 suggested by the investment experts to the common investors is that they should stick their traditional investments. They can make few adjustments in the strategy of their asset allocation for getting favorable results from their existing investment portfolio. As per the traditional investment strategy, the investors need to follow such a perfect asset allocation where 50 to 60% should be included in stocks while 40 to 50% should be in bonds. This is because it is not wise enough to invest in the bonds more than the given percentage due to low rate of interests in the current date.

The financial portfolio should consists of 80% overall investments in stocks and the rest 20% in commodities. The reason is that the losses in the stocks can be easily compensated by the profits of the commodities. As per the economic strategy of 2013, the investors should go for an investment of at intermediate term bond investments with an average investment period of 5 to 6 years. The stock market reports have already revealed the fact of gain of above 100% from the diversified investments of averagely performing stocks from the beginning of 2009 till the early of 2013. The highly recommended financial strategy of 2013 leads to the investment of proper asset allocation in the in bonds and stocks for minimizing the risk of investment.

In most of the cases, it is observed that the mid-level and low-level investors highly tend towards the safe investment modes. They either go for safe long-term investments of stocks or rely on the fixed deposits. But the businessmen usually opt for the high risk market linked investments like stocks and shares for the achieving high profits. They regularly follow the updated financial trends or stock analysis reports provided by the various efficient stock analysts. Sometimes, they also attend the live terminal for keeping a proper update on the movement of shares and for effective trading transactions.

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