Best US Ski Resort Towns to Invest in Real Estate

Ski towns are perfect places to buy real estate. Whether you plan to live in your new home or rent it out to holiday travelers, the investment will be a good one. Ski towns historically have concentrated money, beautiful scenery and evolving communities.

• Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are a target if you love adventure and an even better place if you want to make some cash on real estate. One place to take a hard look at is Beaver Creek. A quick and stunning two hour drive from Denver, this resort area is a place to invest. The main reason is that although the price is high, it doesn’t have the name tag of Vail or Breckenridge, two towns of major competition when it comes to real estate and ski terrain. The same structure in either of these two places would undoubtedly be more expensive.

The idea is that Beaver Creek could be a steal investment now, as the popularity of the resort will grow in the future and demand for real estate will skyrocket. Nuts and bolts aside, the area is an awesome destination to spend time. Great restaurants, skiing and hiking make Beaver Creek what it is. As population in the ever-growing state of Colorado increases, people will need resort places to rent, own or share. This is a tempting spot to consider.

• McCall, Idaho

In what could be the biggest sleeper of them all, Brundage Ski Resort and the town of McCall, Idaho is an opportunity that any real estate investor should look hard at. Overshadowed real estate-wise and ski-wise by the world-famous Sun Valley Resort, Brundage is a surprisingly nice ski area that is getting more and more attention each season. Coupled with the exceptional terrain and frequent fluffy powder is a quaint, gorgeous and unique lakeside town. This is an example of a double bonus with regards to investment, as the town is just as popular during the summer.

There is no solid off-season in McCall, and this benefits anyone involved. There isn’t much else to ask for in a ski resort town, as long as you get to Idaho. This investment would have relatively low cost, but massive potential. Although McCall is still young in terms of realty investing, the town and resort are quality enough where the risk would be virtually non-existent. The town and mountain aren’t going anywhere, and neither would your investment.

• Glacier, Washington

Nestled right near Mt. Baker Ski Resort and just over an hour drive from the progressive city of Bellingham, real estate in and around Glacier is a location to consider making a purchase. Mt. Baker gets more annual snowfall than any other resort in the world. Because of this simple and impressive fact, people will flock to and through Glacier every year. Options are not as plentiful as some of the more marketed and commercial resort communities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available.

With this situation, you will more than likely need to get more creative and trust your instincts. Especially if you are a person scared by global warming, Glacier and the surroundings of Mount Baker may have the longest shelf life of any ski town investment due to big snowfall. Washington, particularly this area close to Canada, is striking. Labeling Glacier a beautiful place to live, visit and invest becomes an understatement the more it is analyzed.

• Teton Village, Wyoming

A perfect example of a high cost, high reward investment is the ski town of Teton Village. The small, admittedly elite community that surrounds the base of famous Jackson Hole Ski Resort represents a classic investment opportunity. Because of the village’s size and extremely close proximity to the lift, buying price would be sky high. The convenient thing, though, is that the demand to rent and own real estate in this village will always be profound. With the quality terrain and big name of Jackson Hole, the opportunity to flip your house or share it with holiday travelers will be more consistent than energy bills. Ski resort communities are common places to invest in real estate, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t relatively unknown places with great potential or areas to focus your attention on. Resort investments are an idea to think about through this winter to assist in making a transaction during the offseason next spring and summer.