How to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Eating healthy food is important to maintain good health now and in the future. Unfortunately, it’s often cheaper to buy prepackaged, processed food that’s laden with fat, sugar, and flavor and color enhancers than it is to buy healthy food. Even dining out at fast food restaurants can be cheaper compared to eating at restaurants with healthier fare. Being budget-conscious doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a healthy diet for you and your family. The five tips shared in this blog post can help you enjoy delicious, fresh healthy food without experiencing sticker shock every time you head to the cash register at the grocery store or pay your bill when dining out.

1. Buy in Season. In Europe, most produce is less expensive because it’s only available while in-season. While Americans might enjoy greater variety year-round, the availability doesn’t come without a price. Strawberries bought in June are typically one-third of the price they cost in December. Find out what fruits and vegetables are in-season and stick with them.

2. Shop the Local Farmers’ Markets and Produce Stands. Many organic or health food type stores are very expensive to shop at, making healthy eating cost-prohibitive. But small local Farmer’s Markets or locally-owned produce stands offer fresh, in-season produce at reasonable prices. Depending upon the type of food sold at either, it’s also possible to get cheese, milk, honey and wine from small, local businesses. This allows you to support your local farmers and businesses while enjoying fresh, healthy food for less than you’d pay at the grocery store.

3. Use Online or Membership-Based Coupon Sites. Using coupons for groceries or dining out keeps getting easier. In addition to the traditional paper coupons you clip from the newspaper, you can also access money-saving coupons from online sites and smartphone apps that personalize the coupons you get to your location and specifications.

4. Go Out for Lunch. Date night with your sweetheart or a meet-up with friends doesn’t always have to occur in the evening. Most restaurants serve lunch until 3pm with prices up to 50 percent lower than dinner menu prices. As an added bonus, check the drink special of the day to save a few dollars on your adult beverage, too.

5. Enjoy Numerous Health Benefits with a Free Beverage. One of the simplest ways to improve your health and save money is to drink more water. It almost sounds too easy, and that’s because it is. Drinking tap water helps your body get the hydration and some of the minerals it needs. A properly hydrated body results in better digestion, clearer skin, healthier hair and a fuller-feeling stomach. You can save hundreds of dollars per year on groceries and dining out if you drink tap water instead of soda, alcohol or juice. It is possible to eat a more healthy diet without going over your grocery or restaurant budget. In fact, the money you save with these tips can become the extra money that allows you to enjoy an occasional meal out with a friend, loved one or your family. The benefits of eating healthy on a budget are two-fold: your financial situation will improve as you save money on eating and so will your health as your body reaps the benefits of more nutrients and less sugar, fat and chemicals.

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