“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.” – Winston Churchill
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What to tell?I am a Management Post Graduate and full time employee of a multinational. There is nothing extra-ordinary to know or tell about me. I would like to be natural with very standard life.

My strengths: My Trust in God..

Money Hacker Blog

Moneyhacker started in 2007, by registering its domain as My Intention was noble by sharing helpful tips and topics on personal finance space to all the readers.  and sharing personal finance tips and authenticated articles to global readers. My passion on investing and love to kids betterment lead me to share lots of worthy information through this blog to the needy people. I will continue the same as long as I am here with the blog.

Truth About me:: “I can be failed, but I cannot be defeated…
Why Should I Blog – MY MISSION ?

Charity – I adopted charity as a tool for the success of my life. Fair percentage of my blog revenue goes to trusted charity missions to provides food, cloths and education to orphan kids. I have introduced an innovative idea to engage readers to virtually contribute money to my charity endeavor by not spending a single penny from their pocket. Read more about this world’s only innovative idea for charity. I am sure, you will love it.

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It’s all about personal finance, money management, savings and investments. Blog covers all personal finance topics. Here is a short list of major topics covers in this blog. • Personal Finance/Budgeting/Investment/Savings/Family finance • Business/Entrepreneurship/Economy • Money Saving/Management Tips/Best practices/Guidance • Debit/Credit/Loan/Debt/Mortgage/Banking • Health/Life/Auto/Property/Travel Insurance Articles • Stock/Mutual fund/Debt/Commodity/Forex investing • Retirement Planning/Self Help • Live Green Ideas and Tips

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