This blogger accept guest article only if it met our quality guidelines and the writer have Authorship to the article. 

1). An article should be an interesting read with sensible subject,  formatted nicely with good writing style. No long para, tech writings or essays allowed.

2) Author of the article should have Google+ authorship to the article. Here is the simple two step process to obtain authorship:

Step 1:  

a) Setup a Google+ Profile: If you do not have a Google+ profile, set one by visiting:  

b) Verify your email ID here:

c) Edit the contributorr section in your Google+ profile and add the site name to that you wish to contribute the guest article (here it is . Follow steps in the ‘Option 2‘ in this link to do so: 

Step 2

Once Step 1 over, link your Google+ plus profile from your guest article. To do so, in the author bio section of your article, link your name to your Google+ profile. Here is the code for that:

< a ” href=”” rel=”author”>YOURNAME+ < /a >


Example: Sherin Dev+ is a professional blogger and management guru who writes for

I have used the code: 

< a href=”” rel=”author” >Sherin Dev+< /a >
is a professional blogger and management guru who writes for ————————————————————————

Guest articles without correct authorship will not be accepted by any bloggers who bother about spammy, promotional, copycat contents to lead their site to Google penalty: 

  You can then send article to: Read more…