: Can you predict the stock market boom?

Time is over. Economies start showing signs of survival. As a beginning, most of the stock markets start recovering by slowly moving upwards. Naturally, as a finance blogger, this is the time for us to get questions from readers and people about the next possible new heights of stock markets. Can any of you able to predict the next height of the stock market in your nation?

Previously at the time of recession in its maximum and when stock markets came to the utter down, I start facing the interesting question, how much the market can come down. Now the scene changed. Those who asked about the down level of stock markets now start asking the possible new heights. I should give an answer to this question but how can I give a exact answer to this question?It is a truth, no one in the world can predict the movement of stock market. No one can say how much it will come down or go up and what time. If you have excat idea about what is going on with your economy and think a little, you may able to make the people happy by saying a well satisfying answer. There is a truth that the stock market will go up with the economies that have little impact from the present economic recessions and its economy growth are intact or moving forward. Developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China, known as BRIC countries, informed economic growth have little effected by the economic recessions or these countries can recover from recessions as fast as possible. This is happening due to its growth is intact. Their stock market can go forward and that is certain. But, not able to say a right time frame. A person who is asking such naughty question certainly expect a time frame from our mouth. A simple tactics can save you here. You can easily say the market will grow up but it will take next 10 to 15 years or more. With the present growth of such countries, your said target will be right and there will not be any fault.Whenever I facing a question about new possible market heights and time, I always replying that the stock market presently moving through the bottom line. It can still go down or go up but volatile at present. It is the time to get good stocks with good prices if you if you really interested to invest for a long term focus. If once the stock market start booming, certainly it will break its previous heights but, it is a time taking process and that is the reason intelligent investors saying to invest with good companies for long term focus. Certainly the next question we can expect about, how much time it will take to reach the new height. To give the question, I should know the previous heights or out stock market. If you know the same, you can easily say the same number or 1000 points more from its. The truth behind is, the nature of any stock market in its booming time, always beating its previous heights. it may take long time but it will happen. There could be fluctuations during the journey to beat previous heights but as long as the economy growth is intact, it is certain that the market beat its previous record. The best message here is, an investor should practice patience and never commit the mistake of panic selling. You can predict something that certainly happen. But, something you cannot predict. For example the time a market take to reach its next height. My mission by giving any answer to such question is, give the person a better understanding on the requirement of perfect stock selection with long term focus and the requirement of patience. Most of the time I have succeeded with this mission with those who have asked similar questions to me. Can you now predict the next stock market heights? Share your thoughts here.