Make Money Online and Manage Successfully

What is the best way for bloggers to make regular income from ads and what is the best way to get that money to hand fast?

We, experienced bloggers, generally and frequently face above two questions from lots of places. As a blogger, we are not only sharing our idea to the internet world but would like to earn some money to at least meet our blogging expenses. Today, blogging consider as the best source to make money online. This believes attracting lots of people to blogging world in each second. Some of them are succeeding with it and others may lost and leave blogging later.

Presently, blogger have ample opportunities to monetize their blogs. Contextual ad providers like Adsense, Adbrite and Chitika, in-line text ad provides Infolinks, Kontera are some of them. There is even huge number of affiliate programs available in the net for bloggers. New bloggers generally have lots of doubts on monetizing part. Their two most frequent doubts are, what the best ad program is and how to get that money to them if they earn, something from the ads. This article intends to answer these questions in a best possible way.Bloggers generally falls to several categories. First group generally start blogging with passion and their ultimate aim is to share their knowledge and experience to others in the blog space. They never bother about earning money but, would bring their blog for others as a charitable organization. Another type of people, generally have high passion to their blogging subject and would like to earn money from it. Some other kind of people reaching to blog space with an only intention to make money from day one! They generally have no passion, no interesting subjects and write all the junks available with them. People never visit their blog and finally they will close their book. I consider these guys or gals are the major culprit for spamming blogging platform to a large extend.In my opinion, if you have a right passion, blogging is the right medium to share your knowledge and experiences with others. This would also bring you a chance to earn little money from your blog to meet your expenses. There is nothing wrong when expecting some money against the time and effort we spending for blogging. I am from this category. When I thought to earn little revenue from my blog, I have found Adsense is best option for my site. However, its nature of not having sustainability on revenue, I was in to get other excellent options to my blog until I found Text Link Ads and PayPal.

Are there any regular ad earnings options for bloggers?

Yes there is. When I have registered as an affiliate with Text Link Ads, I was indirectly approaching an ad option to make regular money. I am still here with Text Link Ads. It is totally text based single line ads adding that Text Link Ads providing upon your requirements. You can add up to 10 ads in the blog depend on your requirements. Once configures, Text Link Ads will take care of your ad requirements and would start sending ads with its pricing information for your approval. This would continue until you are getting the number of ads you have configured with them. Once you received all the ads, you can go ahead with. All these ads will renew automatically at the end of each month and you will get money time to time.I found Text Link Ads as a good source for me to earn money regularly. It is fine and working for me. If you want to take a look, look at the end of this article to visit and register as an affiliate.

How to collect your money from advertisers and donators?

A doubt I have asked by beginner bloggers are, they are worry about getting money to their hand from advertisers in their blogs. If you have revenue from Adsense or Adbrite , they will send the money directly to your given address as check and it can be deposited or encash with any available banks in a locality. But, popular advertisers like Text Link Ads or Infolinks have another wonderful option, pay your money through PayPal service! It is most easy, 100% secure. Publisher can withdraw their money at anytime from anywhere because of PayPal’s ability to transfer your money to the bank or Credit/Debit cards regardless of your location.

In my best practice, having a PayPal account is great as a blogger. Once created an account, it is for ever! Creating a PayPal account is a must for every blogger in these days.

PayPal accounts have few more notable advantages. It allows any your advertisers to transfer money using various credit cards. It also featured with easy transfer of money to other places. For an example, if you want to register a domain, you can easily transfer the domain name charges from your PayPal address to the hosting company! This would save your huge time though highly secured transfer of your money.

So have a PayPal account today itself. It is worth. It is 100% free and once applied, it is forever for you. Whether used, or not used, PayPal never delete or freeze your account and that is the reason they have 134 million accounts. It shows the trust of Internet community on this company!

I feel I made my points clear. It is your time to register as an affiliate with famous Text Link Ads to get regular earnings from you site and register with PayPal to transfer your money online in a fast, secure way!

Picture by: Don Hankins