10 secrets using at every shopping mall

All of us are interested to go for shopping with big and famous malls. If you take little care, you can save lots of money and can bring required worth to your spending.Here are some secrets that most of the malls using to mislead its visitors..

1. You will never find low margin fast moving consumer good (FMCG) items in a place where your eyes reach fast. To get a lower priced with good quality one, you have to search the entire rack especially at the bottom where most people not have interest to look.2. See the basket most malls giving to there customers to pick and drop items from the shop. Most of the time this will be a big basket and the idea behind it is, lead the customer to buy more items. At least it can considered as a psychological technique.3. Beware your kids to pick the toys kept at a height there hands can reach. This could be inexpensive and once kids seeing this, parents will be in trouble to forcing to buy the same for them.4. Take care of the amenities. These are there in most of the mall to catch customers by spending more time in the mall.5. Don’t shop beyond your list by seeing all associated products sitting near by.6. The theory behind available free items with any product is, attracting the customers to buy the free items later by return to the mall soon.7. Never expect any deals in holidays. All the better deals will happen in week days.8. Shop management generally set the quality of sound and pictures to the best for customers to give a first impression on the product and thus get good sales.9. Shop specific loyalty cards are flop by most people will not be able to en cash it.10. You can always find regular items very far from the entrance doors. If you want one, have a look around and everywhere in the shop to find.The best idea to get a best shopping is, have a good list of your items required to buy and if possible, with its brand names and weights, then ask to the sales man for the specific item. They will certainly help you out to get a right one.