12 golden investment rules each investor should keep in mind

1. Obtain the written documents for the particular prduct that explaining the investment information.

2. Read and understand such documents carefully prior to make any investment decisions

3. Verify the legitimacy of the investment

4. Find out all the costs and possible benefits associated with the investment

5. Assess the risk-return profile of the investment to take proper decisin and peace in mind about your money.

6. Know the liquidity and safety aspects of the investment to identify the possible traps when trying to sell or quit the product.

7. Ascertain if it is appropriate for your specific goals. You should have a specific goal befor making any investment and should be well aware about the possibility to attain those goals with the present investment.

8. Compare these details with other investment opportunities available. It is always best to compare the procut with its peers. This will hep you to indentify the product performance and possibile returns from the invesment.

9. Examine if it fits in with other investments you are considering or you have already made. Balancing is the major part in investment world. This is depends upon your risk profile, goal as well as age.

10. Deal only through an authorised intermediary. This will protect you from any future problems that require direct contact.

11. Seek all clarifications about the intermediary and the investment. Upon making any investment decisions, you should have questions in your mind about any angles of the product or investment. Befor comiting any investment, you are required to clarify those doubts with the proper personnel or firm.

12. Explore the options available to you if something were to go wrong, and then, if satisfied, make the investment. Once you have clarified your doubts about the investment as per the point 11, this part will be easy for you.

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