Invest Like Your marriage – What is it?

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Interesting title isn’t it? Yes I am sure, you may not see such title anywhere especially connected to a subject like investment. What it really mean from ‘Invest like Your Marriage”? In this article I will share you two excellent similarity both investment and marriage have. This would give you better understanding on how to make successful investments for long time profits.

Beginning of the investment starts with selection of a business to invest. Of course, stock selection is not a one or two day’s process. Sometime, It may take months to identify right business or stock. Once found it is the time to do necessary study on the business to understand whether it is suitable to invest. Do you feel this section has any similarity to your marriage? Yes. There is a huge similarity. Before an arranged marriage, of course if it is not a love marriage, it is a great task finding a suitable girl or boy. Lots of checks required to identify the suitability of your partner to give a final ‘yes’ to your parents. Once done, there would be finalization of marriage dates or other ceremonies related to it. When the real date reaches, the marriage will happen.

Now we would take a fast look to the love marriage portion. Generally love marriage happening very easily but it will get divorced more easily. So in this article, I can’t connect love marriage to the investing because of the uncertainty side of its sustenance. But, we can easily connect it to the trading. You may get your money or you may lose your money. Even if arranged marriage fails, it can connect to an investment that have done to a wrong business. It happens due to lack of study and research on the business.Once after marriage, it is required to sustain the relation lifelong. There would be personal issues between couples but, generally that come solved and the life will move further. Once investing to a right business, it is the duty of investor to patiently wait for the right time to come. It may take years and should not panic in case of any bad news about the company or business where you have invested. Consider marriages happening for life long and in the same sense investments too.This article not intends to cover any points that a person always keep in mind when investing. Instead, revealed two core points for investors. Requirements of preparation and mindset after an investment made.There are lots of other similarities available but I feel above two are the most important. You can even consider your kids as the dividends or any other kind of earnings like bonuses, additional shares from the business where you have invested in.Hope you have enjoyed this article. To know me about what you think, comment under this article. If you wish to help this blog, send this article to your friends and relatives. Let them too, come and learn from the article collections available in Money Hacker!

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