Money Hacker E-Book – A Handy Guide to Protect Yourself From Recession

Dear Readers,Finally, my efforts to create a free handy e-book for all of my readers came to reality. This e-book covers a handful of subjects that combined together to give step by step guidance and best practices on some of the most required areas in personal finance. This e-book made to work as a handy resource for you on various subject mentioned below in six parts.Getting knowledge on each parts in this free e-book ensures you will get necessary knowledge to protect yourself and family from recessions or related issues. All the topics in this ebook written in the shadow of economic recession.

Six parts in this e-book covers:

Part 1: Money Source for emergencies

    A concise, highly practical guidance to find possible resources for money to meet unexpected emergencies

Part 2: Protecting yourself from being jobless

    Practical guidelines to tune your skills in an efficient way to always become in the top of employers list

Part 3: How to generate additional income

    This part covers ideas and tips to explore opportunities suitable to your skills and passion to generate additional income

Part 4: Protect your family by the power of right insurance

    Ideas to assess and understand the vulnerabilities and guidelines to pick right and worthy insurances to protect you and family from all kind of uncertainties.

Part 5: Manage yourself to become debt free easily

    Highly practical, simple and systematic step-by-step guidance to manage debts in an effective way to become debt free

Part 6: Planning guide to save money from daily activities

    Frugality guide with highly practical money saving tips from daily activities. This guide would help you to understand the areas where money loses happens and control to save this money

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