Money Hacker's Classics for the Year 2009

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Money hacker posted number of articles in this year. They all are successful in the sense of passing my ideas to others. Some of the articles in this group turned as blue and got special attention from the world! below list, I have selected 30 article as two groups. First group comprises five classic articles, passes some unique idea that you never going to find anywhere other than Money Hacker blog. Second group listed with 25 most visited, most discussed articles in this blog posted in 2009. Have a look.

‘Classic Articles’ – you may never find anywhere other than in this blog

1. Motivate Self to Generate 3 Way Income – Very very special article introducing the possibility of generating income in a three way mode. This article is a real pleasure and treasure in this blog.

2. Top 7 Skill set to Financial Prominence – Do you know the most required skill sets or required knowledge to stabilize your personal financial plan? Here is the right place to get that information!

3. Highly Effective Interview Guide – Three part classic series highly given importance to the subjects of protecting job, succeed with interviews etc. Tested ideas and tips to never fail in interviews but grab the job after each interviews!

4. Guide to the Core of Family Financial Planning – Money hacker free book, step by step guidance to plan your family finance in a better, successful way. Visit the section and download it at the earliest.

5. The Art and Science of Investing – A Deadly Combination – Investment is an art and at the time it is a science too. What is the difference in that? Here is the answer and excellent knowledge to crack this puzzle.

30 most popular article in Money Hacker that attracted lots of visitors!

1. Convert Your Credit card Habit as a Money Source for Your Child – I like kids. I am ready to do my best for them in each and every of my action were money involved. This article brings the possibilities of saving little money for your kids when using credit cards for you.

2. Guidelines to Select Worthy Insurance Policies – Insurance policies are a critical part in financial planning. Selection of policies required right knowledge. Here is a simple section on that.

3. Building an Emergency Fund – Emergency fund considered as life at the time of financial problems. Creation of emergency fund is an integral part of financial plan. Here are some practical tips and advices to create a right emergency fund.

4. 8 cutting edge investing principles of Philip Fisher – You know, what is today’s most wanted investment advice for right value investors? Here it is. It is waste of time once searching for best investment advice than this!

5. What is EMI and how to calculate Equated Monthly Installment – This article considered as one of the most beautiful, knowledge driven article in this blog for the year of 2009. This article written with a purpose of clearing any doubts on EMI, one of the most wanted knowledge.

6.Learn investing from Buffett’s advertisement – Another fantastic article that teach you how to understand and invest on stocks from the advertisement of Buffett!

7. Financial planning templates for various age groups – Whatever your age or status is – here is a template for all age groups to understand what is there suitable investment options and instruments and how much to invest on each.

8. Two most simple yet powerful investment steps – When to buy and what to buy is the common question each investor asks self before entering to market. Here is a right answer for such difficult self queries.

9. Know the efficiency of your mutual fund manager – fund manager plays the most critical role in the success of mutual fund investments. One should measure fund manager’s efficiency before opting any fund to invest. Here it the meters to measure the efficiency of a fund manager.

10. My Personal Biography of Investing – Is an inspiring article shares my personal investment experiences and learned important lessons from various investment mistakes and the reasons behind my huge investment successes.

11. Investing Life Cycle To Wealth – A journey through various stages of wealth creation. Investing plays major role in this classic, most liked article in the month when it posted.

12. 5 Financial Life Categories – A must read article! Most wanted information to prepare and start fail proof financial planning for life.

13. Finding Money Sources for Emergency – A clean written article to know how one find most possible source for money when emergencies occurs. A must read and part of a great series.

14. Protecting Yourself from Being Jobless – Well written, tested ideas and tips to protect your job. A must read from this blog.

15. Practical Guidelines to Create Additional Income – Simple but highly practical ideas to find sources and generate additional income in a painless way. when read, this article will work as a turning point for you.

16. Protect Self and Family – Dig into the Chances of Insurance – Protection! why it is considered as the most important factor in financial planning? Get your answer from this article, which capable to pour all knowledge on insurance and its protection!

17. Simplest Ways to Become Debt Free – Perfect written, simple, step bu step guidance to become debt free using common actions and arrangements. Read this classic article.

18. Working Tips for Families to Save Money – No nonsense tips for families to save enormous money through little attention and action on daily activities. It is really a cool, very interesting article.

19. Beginners Step by Step Guide to Become a Better Investor – Simple article with step by step information on each area for beginners to practice and become a better investor.

20. Financial Planning Process Chart – A simple flow chart, financial planning process chart, to make you better aware about the steps involved into the personal financial planning. Not details but highly useful with all required information in it.

21. Portfolio Balance Model – A Case Study – An interesting article introducing the difficulties of portfolio balancing with the help of charts and cracking the code of balancing to make you better aware in this subject.

22. Test to Measure Your Investment Skills and Performance – A questionnaire of simple yet powerful test to measure your real knowledge on investments. This is fail proof and highly useful.

23. How Your Investment in Knowledge Convert You as a Successful Investor – An article which open the requirement of having knowledge to become a successful investor. It has huge number of tips on acquiring required investment knowledge.

24. Secret Value Investing Formula – You Never Find in Books – A simple article but it exposes the most powerful value investing secret through simple example. Yes, you can now learn value investing without putting much efforts!

25. Understand the Six Pillars in Child Financial Planning – Know all you required when planning or doing finance of your loving kids. This article filled with all those required knowledge .

That’s all for now. There are lots of beautiful article than the above available in this blog. Each of the above article have links to each of that to help you to visit all the best articles. Best wishes and happy new year!

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