How to Avoid Insurance Claim Troubles

Why does most of the insurers suffers from claim rejections, formalities and lots of troubles from insurance companies? Is there any simple methods to get your claim passed immediately without much troubles and unnecessary formalities from insurance company side. This article may help you to make your claim easy, lawful and get passed immediately upon submission.

Worhty insurances are always best. Insurance companies are highly active to push their insurance products to the public and thus add more customers to them, but most of the time they are highly negligent to process the claims when it arrive. They would comes with hundreds of questions, rules and conditions to reject the claim and add more pain to the customers at this point. This is most common today. There are lots of customers suffered and suffering from insurance companies to get their claims passed. While taking the policy, no insurance agent and company generally would advise the new customers to go through the terms and conditions mentioned behind the application form. This would later comes as companies weapon to use against claims and reject or provide little compensation to the customer. Interestingly, customers also not giving any care to read and understand the terms and conditions well.

Here are some point to get the insurance claims passed without much visit to the insurance office and avoiding their troubles..

Give Correct and Right Information

While applying for a policy, it is a must to provide truthful information to the companies including valid proofs to cement the truth. Any provided incorrect information and if that found later by the company, there are enough chances, your claims would get rejected. Major percentage of claim rejection today, happens from provided details that is either incorrect or lie. Keep an eye on insurance agent too as it is found that unethical agents may encourage customers to provide bogus details by making them believe that providing such details would not harm them in future. This is a dangerous trap. Be always truthful while providing details.

Do not trust the agents blindly

Trusting the agent would only give you pain later. They are just agents and the only intention is to get a customer in their account and commission. You must find the right and good agent by looking required qualities. Agents are generally reluctant to help customers during the claim process but stand with company against the customer. Always fill the details and validate the doubts with the company instead of agent. Once of the interesting facts found that, most of the time agents ask to fill necessary details and rest they will inform they will fill. This is a big mistake. As a customers, it is your duty to fill all the details correctly with necessary proofs required by the company to ensure the given details are true in all means. Any move from agent to force a customer to fill with wrong details should be verified with the company.

Do not allow the policy lapse

any lapse of your policy is a real weapon to the company to use against you at the time of claim process. Once you have applied a policy, ensure the policy is always in force till the term end and confirm you have kept all the details handy and easily available. Most of the time, late payment would lead the policy lapse. Automatic payments in the given interval is a best option to not lapse your policy. As a customer, you should have all the details on what needs to be done once after, in case, the policy lapsed and which should not be a problem in the future.

Do not hide medical history

Hiding any diseases, health issues at the time of medical test would later put you or the nominee in trouble while making the claim. Once you have hide the details and if company found the truth later, it would bring negative impact during the claim. Be honest with the doctor during the test by discussing all the truths with him.

Never hesitate to take test

Most of the insurance required medical checkup to bring the policy in force. Generally an insurance company provides hospital or doctor would do the checkups and send the details to the company. However, customers can still ask a copy of the reports and should keep the same safe in the personal file for future use, if required. Remember, result from a hospital that recommend by the insurance company is your solid hold to claim against the company in the future in case of any claim rejected happen due to the reported issues. Above are the major focused areas, from where most of the issues arises. Be careful on each of this point during your next insurance application process.

Sherin Dev
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