A Practical Guidance to Become a Christmas Spending Expert


christmas-3034402Christmas is the season of shopping and spending. It is also known as the season of inviting huge debts if not spending your money intelligently. Generally, people never hesitate to borrow money from others or lending organizations to celebrate Christmas but, starts running to return back the money once after the season over. Give a thought. Ensure you are not falling to any debt trap at least for this Christmas by managing your money efficiently. Here are some well practiced ideas to help you to become a seasonal expert. Core point to enjoy this wonderful season depends on some major factors – Identifying the money what you have, creation of list of items to purchase, categorization of items based on importance and needs, identifying valued purchases of items. Below, four points ensures you have done well with each of this and not falling to any debt traps. This article is for all mommies, dads and everybody who are in the thrill of Christmas.

1. Be wise on using credit cards

Be wise enough to control credit card purchases in this Christmas season. As the preparation to be frugal for the time, take a decision to not use credit cards. Create budget for list of all items that you want to purchase. This list should be compatible with the amount you presently have in your wallet. Revisit the list to include all required items and exclude any items that you really not required. Once done, put the money for this purchased to an account where you have a debit card associated to it. Limit credit card spending to purchase these items. Instead, start using your debit card. This would normally give you a chance to think twice before spending any penny before each purchase. A fixed amount always helpful to think and acts in a structured way.

2. Learn to save money on Christmas shopping

Browse to the net to read about possible Christmas time money saving tips. Note the best points from it to practice in a better possible way. Christmas season offers lots of bargain buys. Take all possible advantages from the season offerings. Be wise when spending for seasonal items because you are not going to use it once after the season ends. Cheap but best items are the best to eliminate such ironies and such items should be there at the top of your purchase list for seasonal items. For example, a costly Christmas tree or a Crib or even costly decorating items are worthless once after the season ends. These items don’t have any durability too. So think intelligently and control money wastes on unnecessary items.

3. Create additional income using seasonal opportunities

Seasons like Christmas offering endless chances to create additional income for a limited period. Utilize it to the maximum to generate additional money for this Christmas to celebrate. I have already posted a wonderful article revealing possibilities on creating additional income for this Christmas, some days back. Visit it and read to identify a best option for you to go ahead with. These are some of the best, sure-shot opportunities which generally occurring once in year.

4. Purchase practically and intelligently

As I said earlier, never purchase costly seasonal items because it is not going to worth for you once after the end of season. Follow the best practices of creating a list for shopping and gifts. Categories it by having two columns were the first for required items and the second for ‘seasonal’ items. Work a little to identify where you will get these seasonal items as cheap buy. This would help to save extra money to utilize for some other useful purposes. When you plan for any gift item, identify cheap one which exposes like a costly one and have durability all the time. All time useful cheap gifts are an excellent option than high valued seasonal gift items. Be practical always. Be structured to be a wise spender to meet this season without running out of money. Wish you all an advanced, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Image Credit: brianfox “My special Merry Christmas to the Fox family”