Smart Ways to Cut Down On Wedding Expenditures


Click for The Best Collection of Kindle Fire HDs save-wedding-costs-3326675 In every culture across the world, the wedding is seen as a major event. It is not merely the connectivity between two individuals that is being celebrated. It is also the connectivity between two families, once separated, becoming a single larger unit. While this certainly is a great moment to celebrate, it can also be a very expensive one for whoever is fitting the bill. There are so many items to consider when preparing yourself a wedding. One can easily spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on the wedding.
The good news is that there are a lot of fats to be cut too. As Richard Markel, President of the Association for Wedding Professional International puts it “While the average cost of wedding in the United States is between $21-24K, the costs can deviate from region. A wedding in Long Island, New York can cost at least $40K, but an awesome one in Walla Walla only costs $12K.” So, sit back while we show you some of the great tips to save on the wedding costs.

Invitations Cards

The first considerable that you can make in the amount you spend on a wedding is lowering or cutting out the invitation costs. Invitations use to be necessary to send. It was not only the invitation themselves, but the RSVP and “warning of the invite” letters that took up time and money. Cards had to be made special for the event, and they were often more spectacular than the average letter. The advent of the internet has made it cheap and easy to send out all your invitations for the low price of the cost of internet service. This means no more spending hundreds on cards, envelopes, and decorations or expensive calligraphy. You can easily save on a thousand dollars if your guest size is big.

Check out websites like 123greetings, greetingisland, or for beautiful wedding e-cards that are free. Next, get the email address of your friends and families and start sending these cards out!


At the reception, everyone is interested in having a good time, and marveling at arrangements and seating placements. While items like expensive table settings and over-the-top flower arrangements are great-to-have, you can opt for cheap Do-It-Yourself alternatives that look just as great.

For example, you can create a romantic ambience with beautiful flowers balls made from tissue papers. Cost? 10 cents each. Time? 5 mins. Check out the video here on here on how to make them. If you do not like this design, then check out other designs on tipnut.


You can also check the wedding marketplace for second-hand items used by other brides at huge discounted rates. Since most of the items are only used once or twice, you can be almost guaranteed that they are in good conditions.

Buffet Instead of Dinners. Pay-Bar

One of the most expensive parts of standard weddings can be food and drinks. Instead of creating a course-meal that can costs a cool thousand or more to prepare, utilize a buffet. Quite often people are too caught up in the moment and food is wasted anyway. Thus, a buffet allows a proper amount of food to be made, and entrees are less likely to be wasted. The bar is another place where high costs are found. It does not have to be the job of the couple or the paying family to get the uncles, aunts, and distant cousins drunk. Most venues will have a bartender they use often, and bars can be full pay. There’s no etiquette ‘rule’ that suggests you need to provide free drinks for your guests whole evening. It is perfectly acceptable to have a bar where guests pay for their own drinks. If you want to appease wedding-goers a bit more, then have a partial-pay tab, wherein the first hundred or so dollars are paid for. Or you can offer the guests a welcome drink when they arrive.

Open and Free Venue

While there are wonderful places that are made especially for weddings, finding a unique and free place to have the service can often be more touching. Pre-fashioned wedding destinations are surely beautiful, but they lack an original touch. They are also highly expensive areas that cost a lot to maintain, and thus the expenses are passed on to anyone utilizing them. The first place you can look for is your own backyard. If your yard is not big enough, then ask your friends or family if you can use their space for the wedding. Alternatively, consider common areas like covered picnic areas and pavilions used by community members. If you are using the neighborhood areas, be sure to check with the homeowner’s association, city parks department or whoever is managing the place. You can also make use of day parks and recreation areas which are free of charge. Like all other common areas, be sure to check with the parks department if a permit or reservation for the space is required. Below are some photos for added inspiration.

Backyard outdoor wedding ceremony


Beach outdoor wedding ceremony


Balinese outdoor wedding decorations


Garden outdoor wedding decorations


Ask Everyone to Bring a Camera Wedding photographers can capture beautiful moments in a couple’s special day. However, with today’s photographic technology and computer enhancement capabilities, even grandma can be a near-professional photographer. Ask all your friends and family to bring their cameras and take pictures. Not only will you save hundreds on what would have been spent on a photographer, you will also capture more candid moments. When a photographer is around, people tend to pose in generic fashion. But with multiple friends and family snapping shots, you are likely to capture more real and honest moments. Between these five rather simple concepts, you can save anywhere from $900-2,500. That is money that can be better used in savings, for purchasing items for the newlywed’s home, or for the possible children to come.

Other money-saving tips includes-

1. Stay away from the high season– The peak season of May through October is usually more expensive than non-peak season. Hence, if you want to save money on weddings, then hold your wedding during the non-peak seasons. The quieter months are in January or March.

2. Daylight Savings– The reception halls charge the highest fees on weekend (Friday and Saturday nights). Hence, go for other time if you want to get a bargain.

3. Network With Other Brides– Catering halls usually charge brides for the decorating costs. Hence, if you can talk to the bride who is using the hall before or after you to see if there are similar ideas in decorations, you can expect to save a bomb.

4. Wedding Cake– Another fats to cut is the wedding cake. There are many situations where couples ordered a three-tiered bridal cake and full tray of desserts in the reception. Only to find that guests are just too full to enjoy the desserts and they are gone wasted.

Hence, one trick is to go for faux bottom at the lower tiers of the bridal tier. The second trick is to get a miniature of your dream cake and serve guests with sheet cake that can be cut at the back stage. Both ideas would still look when taken on pictures.

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