FlexOffers.com- A Case Study on This Fraud Affiliate Program


flexoffers-fraud-8192584 Each bloggers should have some goals in mind. Earning some extra money is one in that. Which is of course, necessary to maintain the increasing blogging costs. Nowadays, most of the bloggers prefers to join famous affiliate networks and promote items to earn money. Myself, the MoneyHacker blogger, was not different from that group, I prefer the affiliate route to earn some extra money to maintain my blogging cost and my blogging effort. This mindset and behavior of bloggers effectively utilizing by fraud affiliate companies like FlexOffers.Com to cheat publishers/bloggers to a great extend.

Here is a case study on how FlexOffers.Com cheated me and a wake-up call and start of campaign to every bloggers to avoid being a FlexOffers.Com affiliate. If you are an affiliate of this fraudsters, it is the time to re-think and run away from FlexOffers.Com. decide yourself.

An year back, I have received a mail from someone introduced as a staff of FlexOffers.com affiliate platform invited to join their affiliate programs to make money. They have claimed one of the best commission paying affiliate site with lots of promotional programs. That was the first trap for me. I have fallen to their sweet promises and joined with this even seen biggest affiliate frauds in the history of net. First few months was fine for me because they have set $50 as the benchmark to receive money. They have sent lots of useless forms and I have send them back after signing each of them. My amount reached near $250 and one day I have seen that about 150 dollars are missing from my account. I have contacted FlexOffers.Com customer support and received the reply that they have sent the money via a checque. Yes. I have received the cheque very late and have remitted to my account. Bank sent the same for verification.

The very next day, FlexOffers.Com accountant, one Madeline Ramirez, sent a mail saying the cheque is cancelled due to security reason and I became very angry because the cheque already sent for clearance and the bank will charge fine on me if it fails. Anyway they have not done anything and the cheque got cleared at last. One of the interesting fact is this is, the amount mentioned in the cheque is far less than the amount which have vanished from my flexoffers.com account. They have eaten more than 15 dollars without any clarification and was silent whenever I have asked for them.

Few months back my amount again reached $278+ and about $150 found missing and till today no idea on where it gone. I have contacted FlexOffers.Com various time no reply or no clarification on this. Whenever tried to open online ticket on this, they says the money have been sent but it not reached to me till today. Here is the mail between me and flexoffers:

Title Balance Missing

Created by Sherin Dev
Date Created 7/30/2012 11:43:52 PM
Status Closed
Priority Urgent
Category Other
Description: Hello Team, I have identified that about $150 missing from my balance which presently shows $151 instead of original $278+. Please note, I have not yet received any amount to my paypal or as cheque. Please let me know what would be the reason my commission missing from the accounts… Best, Sherin

Manager – 7/31/2012 11:55:00 AM
Status Closed
Priority Urgent
Category Other

Hi Sherin –

Seems like the payment submitted was via check. We are in the process of making Int’l payments easier, and this past payment went out as a check rather than PayPal.

If you have any accounting related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at accounting@flexoffers.com

Thank you.
FlexOffers Accounting Department.
–and I have contacted the accounts department and no reply till today and my $150 went to MARS…

Again, some days back the total amount reached to $134 and found $100 missing from the account. Here is the mail on this with their “worlds best” customer service:

Title Money Not Received

Created by Sherin Dev
Date Created 10/24/2012 1:12:18 AM

Status Open
Priority Critical
Category Other
Hello, Consider this as critical issue.. I have noticed a total of $250+ missing from my account and have not received any money till today. I have informed this to various people but have not received any responsible answer. To decide to continue with your system, please let me know what is going on and why the publishers money vanishing from the account and not sending them to either paypal or checque. This issue seems happening regularly and if not complaining the publishers seems losing the money. What is your words on this issue? Whatever it is, let me know please and at the earliest.. I am fed up.. Sherin
*** New Comment Added Oct 28 2012 10:56PM ***
I have not received any money yet, as informed. No cheques or not to paypal.
*** New Comment Added Nov 5 2012 1:00AM ***
(This is bit un-parliamentary mail I have sent today)

–No reply till today. It test my whole patience and I have removed all their ads and promotional materials from my site and sent a nice mail to them by saying the stop of this partnership.

For you the bloggers:

From the above experience, what I would suggest is, FlexOffers.Com is a clear fraudsters in the space of affiliate marketing. Never ever fall to the trap of this people because they have clear habit of cheating and eating your blood money. I have thought to publish this case-study to get all the bloggers aware of this biggest affiliate fraudsters in the US and to avoid them by not registering your name with them. They can even sell your personal information to any others that would put you in troubles later.

One of the biggest advantages of these fraudsters are, publishers never open their mouth once after they get cheated by Flexoffers.com. However, I am not willing to take this path. Instead, I am planning a campaign in the net with a caution notice on this fraudster company to save other bloggers and publishers from them by any cost. Each of the publishers moving out from their system is a feather in my hat and I will do the same till having 2000 feathers in my hat. As a beginning this case-study posted here and the next can be more interesting with all the best forums, social media networks and blogs.

I am in a process of collecting details of people cheated by FlexOffers.Com, there are hundreds in the net, to make a community to work against flexOffers.Com until they lock-out their fraud activities from the net. I will soon post the Facebook, forum and other social media page details to campaign against this net’s biggest fraudsters, FlexOffer.Com..

I am requesting you to spread this message to all your friends, forums and social media pages to get them aware of this fraudsters.